Finding Forever by B A Stretke

Finding Forever by B A Stretke

Author:B A Stretke [Stretke, B A]
Language: eng
Format: epub
Publisher: Superiorland Publishing
Published: 2018-08-17T04:00:00+00:00


The call came at two-thirty-five, just as Angus was settling in for a few hours of rest. He’d checked on Juan at around midnight and then hung out with the twins, Forbes and Flynn, for a while. His mind was so full of his mate that he had trouble sleeping.

He grabbed his phone and answered immediately when it rang, his heart telling him of the urgency. “Hello.”

“Angus, this is Juan.” His voice was panicking, and Angus’s heart began to tighten. “Sasha’s house is on fire. We’re standing on the road with the firemen.” That was all he had to say, and Angus was on his feet and out the door. He called out to Ewan who was on the phone with Sasha and they met at Angus’s truck.

“We’ll be there in a few minutes, sweetheart, stay close to your sister and the firemen.” Angus was afraid that perhaps someone had set the fire and they might try to harm them now that they were vulnerable and out in the open. He did not say this to Juan. His mate sounded distraught and he didn’t want to add to his upset.

"Okay, thank you, Angus." Juan was scared but also relieved and it touched Angus's heart to know that his mate had reached out to him during this crisis. Juan found comfort with his dragon mate, a true indicator of their bond.

They decided on the ride over that Juan and Sasha would move to the Lodge and neither Angus or Ewan would take no for an answer. "They're stubborn, both of them," Ewan warned.

“We will convince them.” Angus asserted. He needed his mate by his side, the fire was suspicious enough in Angus’s mind to warrant them coming into care. The best protection was at the Lodge and Angus was not going to accept anything else.

They saw the smoke first billowing into the dark sky. As they got closer the flames could be seen at the base of the house and licking up the right side and the front. The lawn looked to be completely incinerated. At first glance, it looked as if the lawn was set ablaze and then the house caught. Firemen where extinguishing the blaze but there would be extensive damage.

They quickly parked and ran down the street towards their respective mates. Juan and Sasha were standing together next to the large fire engine. They looked tired and scared. Ewan grabbed Sasha and pulled her into his arms as she began to cry. Angus looked at his mate who was trying desperately to hold it together and it broke his heart.

Angus wordlessly opened his arms and Juan walked into them and wrapped his arms around Angus’s waist and rested his head against Angus’s chest. It was not long before he felt Juan tremble with the effort it took not to cry. He held him wrapped up tight in his arms and let his dragon sooth his mate’s frayed nerves.

"The police said it could have started from a cigarette


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