Fallen Sentinel Australian Tanks in World War II by Beale Peter

Fallen Sentinel Australian Tanks in World War II by Beale Peter

Author:Beale, Peter [Beale, Peter]
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Compile and maintain a manpower register;

Have offices throughout the country;

Administer the List of Reserved Occupations;

Establish a register of protected industries;

Have power to control exemption from military service;

Be the sole channel for engagement of labour by all employers.

The submission to Cabinet was expanded (by Supplement 1 to Agendum 446/1941) to include a draft of the Manpower Regulations, and was endorsed by Cabinet on 19 January 1942.99 The regulations were issued on 31 January.100

The first quarter of 1942 saw ever-increasing pressure on the supply of manpower and, in March, a submission was prepared for Cabinet entitled ‘Review of war commitments in the light of altered conditions’.101 On 9 April Cabinet discussed the agendum and recorded that:

A Committee consisting of the Ministers for the Army, Air, Navy and Munitions, War Organisation of Industry, and Labour and National Service, was appointed to review periodically the manpower situation, and to report to War Cabinet on any measures considered necessary. The first review on the lines suggested in the agendum is to be made as soon as possible.102

On 2 May the newly appointed Departmental Manpower Committee delivered its first report which highlighted the gravity of the manpower situation.103 The additional requirement for manpower (men and women) to the end of 1942 totalled 318,000; available reserves amounted to 130,000, producing a significant shortfall. The Committee came to the immediate conclusion that the situation could be met only by a significant increase in the employment of women on work previously regarded as the preserve of men, or by a very severe reduction in the production of goods and services for the civilian market.

Cabinet discussed the Committee’s findings and recorded on 26 May 1942 that a number of steps would be taken:

No restriction to the expansion of the armed forces or to munitions production;


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