Embraced By The Light by Betty Eadie

Embraced By The Light by Betty Eadie

Author:Betty Eadie [Betty Eadie]
Language: eng
Format: epub, mobi
Tags: love, Christ, Near-Death Experience, church, mission, after-life, Spirituality, embrace, prayer, hell, General, Body, death, Christian, darkness, Bereavement, out of body, religion, near death experience, Mind & Spirit, Parapsychology, ripple effect, hope, spirit world, loss, NDE, grief, suicide, purpose, Self-Help, inspiration, faith, heaven, tunnel, angels, forgiveness, Jesus, life review, Near-Death Experiences, mortality, light, pre-existence, other side
Publisher: Yasser Adnan
Published: 2012-11-06T13:00:00+00:00

Through receiving this information, I developed a relationship and knowledge of the Savior that I will always cherish. His concern for my feelings was inspiring; he never wanted to do or say anything that would offend me. He knew what I was capable of understanding and he carefully prepared me to absorb all of the knowledge that I sought. In the spirit world no one is made to feel uncomfortable by being forced to do or accept things for which they are not prepared. Patience is a natural attribute there.

I'll never forget the Lord's sense of humor, which was as delightful and quick as any here—far more so. Nobody could out-do his humor. He is filled with perfect happiness, perfect goodwill. There is a softness and grace in his presence, and I had no doubt that he is a perfect man. I knew him, his spirit, his feelings, his concern for me. I felt his kinship with me, and I knew that we were family. I felt that his relationship to me was both like a father and an older brother. He was close to me, but there was also an element of authority. He was tender and good natured, but also responsible. I knew with a sure knowledge that he would never misuse his authority, that he would never even desire to do so.

Still surrounded by light, Jesus smiled at me, and I felt his approval. He turned to his left and introduced me to two women who had just appeared. A third woman also appeared briefly behind them, but she appeared to be on an errand and only stopped to visit for a moment. Jesus instructed the first two women to escort me, and I felt their happiness at being with me. As I looked at them, I remembered them; they were my friends! They had been two of my close friends before I came to earth, and their excitement at being with me again was as great as my own. As Jesus was about to leave me with them, I felt his amusement again, and he seemed to whisper to my spirit, "Go learn of things," and I understood that I was free to see and experience all that I wanted. I was thrilled that there was still more to learn—much more as it would turn out. The Savior left us then, and my two friends embraced me. The love here encompassed all; everybody had it. Everybody was happy. Although there was a vast difference in the light and power between these women and Christ, their love was unconditional. They loved me with all of their hearts.

The memory of that tour has been partially taken from me. I remember being taken into a large room where people were working, but I don't remember how we got there or what the building looked like from the outside. The room was beautiful. Its walls were made of some kind of substance, perhaps like a very thin marble, that let light come in, and in places I could see through it to the outside.


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