Eldritch Chrome: Unquiet Tales of a Mythos-Haunted Future by unknow

Eldritch Chrome: Unquiet Tales of a Mythos-Haunted Future by unknow

Language: eng
Format: epub
Publisher: Chaosium Inc.
Published: 2016-04-09T21:00:00+00:00


By Terrie Leigh Relf

Remy looked out his window at the heavy fog. “Another day in paradise,” he mumbled, dropping the blackout drapes into place. He was sensitive to light, and the drapes helped to keep his migraines at bay; that, and made it easier to sleep during the day.

His schedule was more or less balanced: Classes three days a week, 10-20 hours hanging out in the computer lab for his pseudo-job. The lab was open 24-7, and he usually had the graveyard shift, but only a few students staggered in from time-to-time; those who did usually fell asleep at their terminals, screen savers morphing to silent melodies while students snored away.

“Vitamin C,” he mumbled, padding into the kitchen to grab a bottle of orange juice. He downed it from the clear plastic container. It tasted fresh-squeezed.

He looked at his memory board. It was his campus-advisor-slash-shrink, Dr. Rosen’s idea, as his headaches always made him fuzzy-minded.

Mandatory testing.

Even though they were all supposedly immune, and had to be in order to live on campus, everyone—students and staff alike—had monthly blood draws. The lead science teams were always on the lookout for another mutation. When it first surfaced in 2013, the usual apocalypse nuts started to call it the Mayan flu. Most of the experts claimed the virus had run its course, arguing that it would be a stupid bug indeed to wipe out the entire population.

Still, if Remy believed the numbers, the planet’s once burgeoning population of seven billion people, was now a mere million, give or take a few. About half the U.S.’ population lived on campuses such as this, the University of California, San Diego.

Now they just called it The Campus, as if that said it all.

He was obviously one of the lucky ones. A survivor. Immune. They were expected to go to college, study, then recreate the world, only better.

Whatever that meant.

They all had free rides and were paid handsomely for their ‘contributions’ to science. It was ironic, he mused, as there wasn’t much to buy that wasn’t already provided for them. All Remy needed to do was submit a bi-monthly list to Dr. Rosen, and within reason, it was provided.

While Remy occasionally hung out with other students, he didn’t really have any close friends. He could, however, go to one of the campus cafes and run into someone from a class or two. They’d usually sit around one of the concrete benches, study, and when they came up for air, would share some new tune from the latest audio-module, or blast each other with some vidstream that had somehow found its way onto the web.

Yes, there was a degree of normalcy.

Remy sat down on the futon couch, reached for his scheduler. He had to get tested today, but what was on for tomorrow? He tapped his calendar for Friday, April 21, 2027: Biopsy at 8:00a.m.

“Just great,” he muttered. The Campus was still a research facility complete with hospitals, clinics, labs, and lecture halls. The possibility of a fourth wave clung to most everyone’s awareness, more or less, but wasn’t talked about much.


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