Eating Out - By Staying In by Keith Taylor

Eating Out - By Staying In by Keith Taylor

Author:Keith Taylor
Language: eng
Format: epub
Tags: cook, cooking, food, dine, dining, china, france, italy, italian, french, spain, spanish, gourmet, restaurant, menu, indian, cordon, bleu, keith floyd, crème fraiche, jamie oliver, gordon ramsey, novelli, ainsley, anthony, di campo, thai, chinese
ISBN: 9781849891684
Publisher: Andrews UK Limited 2011
Published: 2011-08-31T00:00:00+00:00


Two tall sundae glasses

An ice cream scoop


2 fresh peaches peeled and stoned – the peaches I mean

8 fresh strawberries, hulled, and quartered

1 cup of vanilla ice cream

1 cup of chocolate ice cream

4oz of dark chocolate broken into little pieces

3 tablespoons of half decent brandy

A half cup of thick double cream

2 glace cherries

Then you:

• Place half of the strawberries at the bottom of both glasses.

• Scoop out a single scoop of vanilla ice cream and place on top of each glass’s strawberries.

• Slice the quartered pieces of peach very thinly lengthways and place half on top of each ice cream.

• Now take a scoop of chocolate ice cream and place on top of the peaches and top with the remains of the strawberries before adding another scoop of chocolate ice cream.

• Melt the chocolate with the brandy in a cup resting in boiling water, and when fully dissolved and combined take a tablespoon full of the melt and pour carefully over the top of the chocolate ice cream in each glass – it will solidify immediately.

• Whisk the double cream in a small bowl until it forms soft peaks, then take a tablespoon full and place on top of the melted chocolate and finally top each with a whole glace cherry.

• Place glass on a saucer with the deep spoon needed to demolish the knickerbockers.

• Serve in your Stars and Stripes boxers and Rocky Balboa grey hoody, although it’s best not to shout “AAdriennnnne”.


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