Downsizing by Tom Watson

Downsizing by Tom Watson

Author:Tom Watson
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ISBN: 9780857838759
Publisher: Octopus
Published: 2020-01-02T05:00:00+00:00

The print and broadcast media soon began to use my weight loss as an angle for their reports and features, perhaps prompted by a photo that I’d posted for a laugh on my official blog after an engagement in central London.

‘One of these is a Neanderthal skeleton held under close security by the Natural History Museum,’ I wrote, alongside a picture of me next to this ancient relic. ‘The other has lost 86lb in weight.’

Some lobby journalists, many of whom worked under a great deal of pressure and may well have had their own health and lifestyle issues, began to quiz me about the whys and wherefores of my weight-loss journey. What most piqued their curiosity, however, was my Bulletproof Coffee intake. I remember taking part in an interview with the BBC’s Nick Robinson for his Political Thinking podcast, and as he kicked off proceedings he proudly presented me with a paper cup of insipid black coffee, complete with a yellow pat of butter floating on the surface. It looked nothing like a bona fide Bulletproof, and it tasted absolutely revolting.

‘One lump of butter or two?’ he said, laughing, before enquiring how this crazy coffee had curbed my sugar cravings and rid me of my brain fog.

‘It’s like mainlining saturated fat into your physiology,’ I said. ‘I just stopped being hungry, Nick, and it’s really helped me.’

Tellingly, I chose not to mention my type 2 diabetes diagnosis. Perhaps it was superstition on my part, or maybe even a lingering sense of shame, but until I was certain that I was in long-term remission, and that it wasn’t a blip, I thought it wise to keep schtum.

A few weeks later, early one morning, I found myself at Four Millbank, the Westminster-based office block in which many TV companies housed small studios. I visited the cosy little café there, the Atrium, and was delighted to see that they’d started serving proper, blended Bulletproof Coffee, complete with Dave Asprey’s Brain Octane Oil.

‘Hey, it’s fantastic that you’re doing this,’ I said to the waitress as I ordered my own frothy mugful. ‘You must be one of the few places in London that sells it.’

‘Well, we’ve had so many journos requesting this Bulletproof stuff, we thought we’d add it to the menu,’ she replied. ‘Apparently there’s been some MP bloke banging on about it, and everyone wants to know what all the fuss is about.’

I handed over the cash, took receipt of my coffee and allowed myself a little smile.


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