Different Seasons by Stephen King

Different Seasons by Stephen King

Author:Stephen King [King, Stephen]
Language: eng
Format: epub, mobi
Publisher: Hachette UK
Published: 2010-03-22T04:00:00+00:00

The next day he drove out to Ridge Lane and had a long talk with Victor Bowden. They discussed grapes; they discussed the retail grocery business and how the big chain stores were pushing the little guys out; they discussed the political climate in southern California. Mr. Bowden offered Ed a glass of wine. Ed accepted with pleasure. He felt that he needed a glass of wine, even if it was only ten-forty in the morning. Victor Bowden looked as much like Peter Wimsey as a machine-gun looks like a shillelagh. Victor Bowden had no trace of the faint accent Ed remembered, and he was quite fat. The man who had purported to be Todd’s grandfather had been whip-thin.

Before leaving, Ed told him: “I’d appreciate it if you wouldn’t mention any of this to Mr. or Mrs. Bowden. There may be a perfectly reasonable explanation for all of it ... and even if there isn’t, it’s all in the past.”

“Sometimes,” Bowden said, holding his glass of wine up to the sun and admiring its rich dark color, “the past don’t rest so easy. Why else do people study history?”

Ed smiled uneasily and said nothing.

“But don’t you worry. I never meddle in Richard’s affairs. And Todd is a good boy. Salutatorian of his class . . . he must be a good boy. Am I right?”

“As rain,” Ed French said heartily, and then asked for another glass of wine.


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