Deadly Investment by Andres Kabel

Deadly Investment by Andres Kabel

Author:Andres Kabel [Kabel, Andres]
Language: eng
Format: epub
ISBN: 9780648306801
Published: 2018-11-01T00:00:00+00:00

“You married, Dee?” Mick’s voice sounded light. Peter twisted uncomfortably in his seat and stared at his partner.

“Not yet.”

The policewoman was driving fast, down into the city. Peter saw her eyes in the rearview mirror, assessing him, then flicking to Mick.

“Dee,” Mick said. “Meet Peter Gentle. Partner and mate. Gentle, meet Deirdre Lasker. We worked together, once upon a time.”

“How long have you two been at this?” Deirdre asked.

“Two days.”

Deirdre shook her head, black hair swaying. “I’ve never seen Sam so riled.”

“He’s always mad,” Mick said. “That’s just Sam.”

By now the car stank of their sweat. And something worse. Peter sniffed his bandage and recoiled—he must have spewed on it. He felt sore and tired and dejected. The seat bit into his bruises, and his broken finger had begun to throb.

“I don’t know, Mick,” Deirdre said. “This one matters for him.”

“Promotion time, huh?”

She grunted. Silence took over in the car. Peter tried to collect his thoughts. Did the police have grounds to charge them with anything? He had no idea. How long could they legally question him? Should he ring Bishop? But no, Bishop wasn’t their lawyer. What about his Dad?

“How’s the case running, Dee?” Mick asked.

They stopped at the Flinders Street lights in Swanston Street. Peter looked up at the rusty green dome of the station. Six o’clock. None of the people rushing across the intersection paid any attention to the men being taken to be locked away.

“You know better than that,” Deirdre said. “No champagne on the horizon, but.”

“Any good leads? Besides the druggie crap?”

Deirdre drove silently. A heavy weariness settled onto Peter’s limbs.

“Come on, Dee,” Mick said. “How can it harm the case? I’m just interested—anything major cropped up?”

“Shut up, Mick.”

“What’s going to happen to us?” Peter blurted. He felt, rather than saw, the sunglasses swivel to look at him. He stared pointedly at the trees overhanging St. Kilda Road.

“You’re being taken in for questioning,” Deirdre said, “in connection with a homicide.”

“Come on, Dee, that’s not right,” Mick said. “We’re not murder suspects, for Christ’s sake.”

Peter heard Mick’s whisper in his ear. “Let me handle this, Gentle.”

“No, I won’t.” Peter’s voice roared in the enclosed space. He wished he could be somewhere else. Anywhere else. He felt nothing but revulsion. Mick was crazy, nothing else could be said, Peter’s partner was a bloody lunatic.



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