Daughter of War by Brad Taylor

Daughter of War by Brad Taylor

Author:Brad Taylor [Taylor, Brad]
Language: eng
Format: epub
Tags: Thriller
ISBN: 9781101984840
Google: Gp9-DwAAQBAJ
Amazon: B07CWDRJT2
Barnesnoble: B07CWDRJT2
Goodreads: 40165302
Publisher: Dutton
Published: 2019-01-08T06:00:00+00:00


Yasir exited his cab in front of the Park Hyatt, walking through the lobby with his head on a swivel, surveying the room in a practiced manner. He saw nothing to cause concern. But he was experienced enough to realize that anybody worth their skill wouldn’t raise a signature.

He went rapidly through the reception area, entered the elevator, and touched his key card to the small knob that allowed the elevator to work. It flashed a green light, and he hit the ninth floor. He rode up in silence.

The door opened, and he glided down the hall, happy at how the mission had proceeded. He’d passed the Red Mercury, alleviating any repercussions from the North Koreans, and now all he needed to do was get the final payment from the Americans. From that ass Periwinkle. He wondered what would happen to that guy once the attack happened, and the subsequent investigation revealed his complicity. But he didn’t really care. By that time, he expected to be in a whole new life, his past behind him, experiencing the real-world promise of the Quran. Seventy-two virgins and a daiquiri.

He grinned at the thought.

He reached his door, keyed it for entrance, and pushed it open. The first thing he saw was the same Korean security man who’d given him the second phone, now sitting in a chair, facing the door. He had bruises on his face, like someone had used it for punching practice. And he wasn’t pleased.

Yasir entered, let the door close, and said, “To what do I owe the pleasure?”

A voice from inside the room said, “Come in.”

He did, seeing Song Hae-gook, the same Korean “investor” from Monaco. He immediately whirled around, looking for the killers who had passed him the information in Geneva, convinced he was about to be gutted.

Song smiled and said, “Stop it. If I wanted you dead, I wouldn’t have sat here in your room. You’d have died in the elevator.”

Yasir looked at him warily and said, “How did you get in?”

“We have our ways.”

Yasir nodded, then said, “Okay. So what brings you here?”

“There has been some trouble with your transfer. We just want to make sure the passing went satisfactorily.”

“Trouble? How?”

“Did you really destroy your phone by accidentally dropping it in a toilet?”

Yasir felt the sweat break out on his forehead, but used his training, keeping his face stoic. “Yes. Of course. Do you think I gave it away or something?”

“No. I don’t think you gave it away, but I do think you lost it.”

Yasir advanced into the room, taking a seat on the bed across from Song. He said, “Why do you say that? The phone was ruined. Why else would I come back to you for another?”

Song scoffed and said, “Do you not think we have ways of tracking the handset? It wasn’t destroyed, and there was significant activity around it.” He leaned forward and said, “Activity leading to dead people.”

“What are you talking about? That phone is gone.”

“It is now, that’s correct.”

“Quit the games.


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