Complicated by Kristen Ashley

Complicated by Kristen Ashley

Author:Kristen Ashley [Ashley, Kristen]
Language: eng
Format: epub
Tags: Complicated
Publisher: Kristen Ashley
Published: 2017-11-23T05:00:00+00:00

“Well, anyone catch any good movies last summer?” I asked in a nasally voice (because my nostrils were packed with gauze), sitting on the end of an exam bed in the emergency room with a nose I could actually feel swelling since it was goddamned broken.

Hix’s kids were standing around me as we waited for Hix, who had called Shaw and told him we were not to move until he came to get us.

Shaw grinned at me.

Mamie noted while staring at the big bandage of gauze and tape that covered my nose, “It’s good they don’t have big nose casts. That wouldn’t be too fun.”

“I hope when I grow up I still look pretty even after someone broke my nose,” Corinne muttered like she wished she didn’t have to but the laws that made me pretty enough for that to withstand having a broken nose forced her to do so.

Still, it was sweet.

I thought this until Shaw growled out, “No one is ever gonna break your nose, Cor.”

She cut a glare to her brother. “I’m just sayin’, in the unlikely event I get one, I hope I get through it lookin’ pretty.”

“In the unlikely event you get one, you’ll have other things on your mind like hopin’ your dad and brother don’t get jail time for handing the man who did it his ass.”

Oh boy.

Mamie looked to me.

Corinne looked to me.

“I’m quite certain your father will not hand the man who did this to me his ass seein’ as he’s the sheriff and all,” I assured.

“I wouldn’t bet on it,” Shaw muttered.

“Shaw!” Corinne cried. “Dad can’t go to jail!”

“Daddy’s going to jail?” Mamie asked, confused.

I opened my mouth to reassure her but her father’s deep voice came, doing it for me, and my eyes shot up to see him round the curtain to my bay.

“I’m not goin’ to jail, baby. It’s all cool.”

She ran to him, throwing her arms around his middle, and his long body jolted slightly as he slid his arm around her shoulders.

But his eyes were locked to me.

“Did you get ’im?” Shaw asked.

“Hal and Larry are processing him,” Hix answered his son, his focus still on me.

But at his words my shoulders slumped in relief, my head dropped and I looked to my knees.

“Good,” Shaw muttered.

“Just a second, baby,” I heard Hix say gently and then I felt an equally gentle fist under my chin tipping my head back and I saw Hix disengaged from his girl bent in front of me. “What we got?”

And yep, that was also gentle.

And sweet.

“Broken nose. No concussion,” Shaw answered for me authoritatively.

I was okay with that.

But it was not good he carried on.

“Other than slammin’ her face in her kitchen island twice, he didn’t hurt her.”

I watched from close, and I’ll admit I did it with a fascination that was mildly grim and not as mildly titillated, as Hixon’s eyes ignited with wrath.

“She can speak for herself, Shaw,” Corinne pointed out.

Before his son could answer, Hixon took his fist from my chin, straightened and ordered, “Time to go home.


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