Colorado! by Ross Dana Fuller

Colorado! by Ross Dana Fuller

Author:Ross, Dana Fuller
Language: eng
Format: epub
Tags: Frontier and pioneer life
Publisher: New York : Bantam Books
Published: 1981-08-05T16:00:00+00:00

head as she rejoined her colleagues. It was plain to her that some women didn't know when they were well oflF.

Willie de Berg was sitting with his feet on his desk, smoking a cheroot as he added a column of figures. He looked up from his work as the door opened, and there was alarm and anger in his face. His feet landed on the floor with a thud, and he demanded, "What the hell are you doing here? Get out and stay out!"

Caroline closed the door behind her, simultaneously whipping ofiE her doak and turning slowly for his benefit. "Gracious," she said, her voice saccharine,-**You re not being very hospitable this morning, darling. I was certain you'd be just dehghted to see me."

His obvious appreciation of her body was far outweighed by other feelings. *Tou must be crazy, coming here dressed hke that! Thanks to that story in the newspaper, the whole town knows you re a widow! Anybody who happens to see you coming in or out will start talldngl"

**I didn't know you paid any attention to what people say," she replied, enjoying herself.

Willie continued to glower. "All right," he said. **You think you have a couple of aces up your sleeve. Play them."

*As you can easily see," Caroline declared, *T have nothing up my sleeves but a pair of very pretty arms. Darling, you went a bit too far."

His expression remained unchanged, but he wondered how much she knew.

"The other night," she said, **I told my husband about you and me, and I have no doubt that he came here to have a showdown with you. He was even carrying his pistol, which he usually wore only when he went oflE to the mines. It was missing when his body was found, but your bulHes forgot to remove his holster, too."

"That's no proof he came here," he declared loudly.


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