Cold Truth by Susan Sleeman

Cold Truth by Susan Sleeman

Author:Susan Sleeman [Susan Sleeman]
Language: eng
Format: epub
Published: 0101-01-01T00:00:00+00:00


The call came just as dinner ended. Blake couldn’t get a warrant. Not yet. The judge needed a better explanation.

This was the last straw, and Kiera had had enough. “Open the gate for me. I’m going to talk to Henry.”

She bolted from the table and raced to the door. She’d had a lovely time at dinner, but now the food curdled in her stomach. She’d wasted a precious hour. Eating. Having fun. Enjoying the company. The children. Coop.

And what did it get her? Nothing, and she needed a lead. Needed something that would pan out, and she would get information out of Roger Henry if she had to beat it out of him.

Okay fine, she wasn’t beating anyone, but she would grill the man.

She grabbed her jacket from the wall peg and slipped into it. Coop marched across the room toward her.

She eyed him. “Are you going to open the gate for me?”


“I have to talk to him.”

Coop worked the muscles in his jaw, telling her she’d hit a nerve.

“I won’t let you go alone,” he said.

“Fine, but you won’t stop me, so you’ll be coming with me.”

He gave a short nod and took his jacket from the peg, his movements sure and calm.

She wished she could take a hint from his demeanor, but she couldn’t calm down. Not anymore. Not with Kevin missing and his abductor threatening to kill him if she failed to figure out this clue.

“I’ll call with an update,” Coop told Gage.

Kiera caught Hannah’s attention. “Thank you for dinner. I’m sorry to run out like this without cleaning up.”

She waved a hand. “Don’t give it a second thought.”

As Kiera turned away, she caught the worried look on David’s and Mia’s faces. She might be in a hurry, but she couldn’t leave without trying to restore the good mood that her hasty departure had killed. “When I get back, how about we do a little chemistry experiment?”

“Can we?” David asked.

“If it’s not past bedtime,” Hannah said.

“Aw, mom.”

“If it is too late, we can do it another time,” Kiera offered. “But I really have to go now.”

She spun and charged out into the night, the moon hanging high and illuminating the compound. Coop quickly got the SUV on the road. She didn’t know what to say to him, so she kept her mouth shut.

As the tires rolled over the asphalt, she rehashed each and every minute since Kevin disappeared. Thinking, trying to come up with something she might have missed. Had she done enough to find Kevin? Could she do more? Sure, she had to. Because so far, her best wasn’t good enough. He’d been gone for over three days now. Tied up. Gagged. His eyes covered. She’d checked the website again the second she and Coop had arrived back to the compound. Nothing had changed except the clock. That had changed big time.

And her heart had changed, too. When she saw her brother still bound and gagged, one more chunk split off.

“The house is just ahead.” Coop


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