CLICK'D by Tamara Ireland Stone

CLICK'D by Tamara Ireland Stone

Author:Tamara Ireland Stone
Language: eng
Format: epub
Publisher: Disney Book Group
Published: 2017-10-19T04:00:00+00:00

A crowd had already formed at the office counter.

“I’m going to miss my bus,” one guy said.

“My mom is waiting for me at carpool,” a girl behind her said. “She’s probably texting me right now.”

“This is stupid,” a guy on her left whispered under his breath.

On the one hand, Allie was glad she didn’t have soccer practice after school so she could stay in the lab as late as Ms. Slade would let her. But on the other hand, she wished she had soccer practice so she could talk to Emma. As she stood in line waiting to get her phone back, she started wondering if she could do both. If she could get Emma to meet at the lab, she could show her the Click’d database and all the code, and explain how she was fixing the issue. She could apologize for not telling her about the glitch right away, as she should have.

She couldn’t wait to get her phone back.

Finally, Mr. Mohr walked out of his office carrying the orange bucket and looking triumphant. He stepped up to the counter and started sliding the phones down to the waiting students one by one. “I can’t keep you from using these before the first bell or after the last one, but you know the rules. If I see a phone during the school day, it’s all mine.”

Allie’s must have been at the bottom, and when she finally spotted it, she didn’t even make eye contact with Mr. Mohr; she grabbed it and raced out of the office.

As soon as she turned it on, a text popped up on the screen. It was sent to the whole Click’d community:





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