CLAM JAM by RC Boldt

CLAM JAM by RC Boldt

Author:RC Boldt [Boldt, RC]
Language: eng
Format: epub
Tags: novel
Publisher: RC Boldt Publishing, LLC
Published: 2017-01-09T18:30:00+00:00

Chapter Twenty-Eight


There’s no way in hell I’m letting this asshole shit on Maggie again. Tugging her close to my side, I smile down at her before turning an overly curious look at Shane.

“Hey, man.” I offer a hand. “Ryland James. And you are?”

He gives me the up-and-down perusal, as if I’m lacking in some way, before shaking my hand—weakly, I might add—and looks down his nose at me in the snootiest way. “Shane Douglas.”

Let me say this. As a guy—whether I’m pretending to be gay or not—there’s no chance in hell I’d put fucking highlights in my hair like this yahoo right here. Oh, and the best part is that he’s one of the guys Mags had been talking about earlier.

Because he’s wearing a sweater vest. A fucking sweater vest.

God, she dodged a damn bullet with this one.

“Great to meet you, Shawn.”

“It’s Sha—”

“My Mags and I were just heading home.” With a sly wink at the dickhead, I add, “My girl gets frisky after a glass of wine.”

Maggie makes a choked sound, and I press a kiss to her temple, whispering, “Smile. Look like you’re in love, not being tortured.”

“You two live together?” Shane’s eyes narrow, almost accusingly. Like he even has a right.

“Mags and I have been living together for, what?” I look over at her in question. “Almost a year now?”

Finally snapping out of it, she bats her eyes up at me. “Nearly a year of pure bliss,” she gushes. Reaching a hand to hook behind my head, she steers me closer, nuzzling our noses before pressing a light kiss to my lips.

“Ugh. Gross.” Both of us turn at the sound of disdain dripping from the words spoken by the woman standing beside Shane.

As if either of us gives two shits about the opinion of someone who slept with a guy while he was still in a relationship with another woman? Let me think on that real quick.


With a dismissive wave of my hand, I flash a fake smile. “Well, blondie, we can’t all be home-wreckers with no morals, now can we?” Winking at Shane, I give him a slap on his shoulder.

Far harder than necessary.

“Thanks, man. Because of you, I managed to get the hottest, most gorgeous woman in Saratoga Springs.”

Exiting Chianti with my arm around Mags, it’s not until we’re around the corner, on our way back to the apartment that she breaks away from me, stopping abruptly on the sidewalk.

“Did you see the look on his face? And on hers?” Maggie’s entire face is lit up like Fourth of July fireworks, and it’s at moments like these that I feel my breath catch in my throat at her beauty.

“That was priceless.”

“It was absolutely priceless!” She throws her hands in the air, looking up at the sky. “I feel like I’m finally free.” Dropping her arms, she steps closer to me, her expression softening. “I feel like he no longer has that tiny, nagging … hold on me anymore.” Taking another step closer, her voice becomes more faint, lowering to almost a whisper.


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