Christmas- Panther Style (Delta Force - Team Panther Book 5) by Annabella Stone

Christmas- Panther Style (Delta Force - Team Panther Book 5) by Annabella Stone

Author:Annabella Stone [Stone, Annabella]
Language: eng
Format: epub
Published: 2019-01-05T00:00:00+00:00

Chapter 8

Micah couldn’t stay still. He waited outside the building, the fuck was he sitting inside watching that footage over and over again with Allie. Nope, Grif and Rock would be back, and they could fucking answer to him, and tell him what the fuck was going on.

Delta whined from her place at his knee. From a combination of habit and reflex, he reached down and rubbed the soft fur on the back of her neck between his fingers. She was his physical and emotional touchstone. Her presence helped ease the tenseness, the fear, the anger, and the other jumbled mess of emotions that bubbled inside him slightly. Just not enough to want to be able to stop himself from beating the shit out of one of his best friends. Delta knew he was furious, he could see his tenseness reflected in her. Shit, he hoped she didn’t think his anger was directed at her. “It’s okay, girl.”

Out of the corner of his eye, he could see Hawk leaning against the brick wall. Micah could see Hawk’s eyes following him as he paced. He should have known Hawk and Creed would go into protection mode. That they had over protective streaks a mile wide for him, even though they knew damn well he could look after himself, made his stomach do that weird flip-flop thing that caught him off guard every damn time.

Hell, even Creed remaining inside with Allie had shown him how much they cared, his family was theirs. Period. If you had asked Micah even an hour ago, he would have laughed in your face at the thoughts that Allie wasn’t safe here. But damn it, he had a bitter taste in the back of his throat, his heart hammered, and his mind was still spinning from the revelation that Grif and Rock’s Shar had taken Lexi.

The growl of a diesel engine warned Micah that someone was inbound from the gate. It had better be fucking Grif and Rock because no matter who was in that damn truck, homicide was on the cards, so unless the MPs wanted a workout for nothing it better be Griffin St. Clare and his ‘play my cards close to my vest’ other half, Rock.

“Keep your cool, Mic.” Hawk stepped close to Micah, “We don’t know that they knew anything.”

“Would you know if it was me or Cree?”

“Dumbass,” Hawk swatted Micah on the ass, “you don’t have it in you to kidnap a child.” He gestured toward the gate, “And until an hour ago you would never have believed they would either.”

Ugh, it drove Micah crazy that Hawk was being logical again, he needed to hit something and the possibility that Grif had kept this from him gave him the outlet he needed. “Yeah, well when I am the sane one, you know we have a problem, big guy.” Micah’s eyes widened when the truck finally came into view, one window was broken, and the roof was covered in dents. Were they in a wreck? Doesn’t fucking matter, he reminded himself.


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