China, Inc. by Ted C. Fishman

China, Inc. by Ted C. Fishman

Author:Ted C. Fishman
Language: eng
Format: epub
Publisher: Scribner
Published: 2005-06-11T16:00:00+00:00

*Not long ago, the Illinois River was so polluted in parts that no fish could swim its length and survive. Today it is mostly clean and a favorite for anglers, though its health is threatened by two Chinese imports, the bighead carp and the silver carp. The bottom-feeding carp were introduced into waters near the Mississippi in 1973 to clean up aqua-culture ponds where baitfish and table fish were farmed. The carp escaped into the river system, where they have quickly established themselves as fierce competitors in the local ecosystem. Despite efforts to control their spread, including a large electrified barrier in the Illinois River, the number of Chinese carp is growing exponentially. Wildlife officials at the Illinois Department of Natural Resources fear the fish will advance to Lake Michigan and eventually overrun the entire Great Lakes.


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