Charming (Bastan Hollow Saga #1) by Jane Washington

Charming (Bastan Hollow Saga #1) by Jane Washington

Author:Jane Washington [Washington, Jane]
Language: eng
Format: epub
Published: 2018-12-10T18:30:00+00:00

“Where are your costumes?” I asked the woman slouched behind the counter.

She didn’t even look up from inspecting her bright red nails, but pointed her nail-filer impatiently in the direction of the back of the store. I hurried that way, skirting around the balding man with the baggy pants who was trying to be covert about staring at me. I scanned the racks of costumes before pulling out something that was clearly supposed to be a Lolita outfit, though it could easily have passed for a fairy costume, complete with wings and a magic wand. It was right beside a Spider-man costume with the crotch cut out. I decided that it would be best for my sanity if I didn’t peruse the rest of the costumes and made my way back to the counter to pay, pausing when a shelf of colourful vibrators caught my attention.

I picked a bright blue one, since I figured Kendal liked blue, but then I wasted a few more minutes frowning at the delicate-looking thing in my hand. I re-scanned the shelves, my eyes catching on something advertised as “Heavy Duty.” I made the switch for the sturdier toy—again, in blue—and quickly paid for everything before ducking around to the back of the store. I drew a portal to my own apartment, once again silently celebrating the fact that Slade’s portal-rerouting magic had finally worn away.

I had already been to the apartment before the sex store, to change into normal human clothes. My plan had been to sneak back to Sedona, change clothes and gather the items on my list necessary to turn Beth into a fake fairy and pay off Kendal for her lack of help. Unfortunately, I had accidentally left the hair dye behind in my apartment, and I was running out of time. There was no such thing as a normal, blonde fairy. Magically-coloured hair was the most typical characteristic of the creatures.

I stepped through the portal into my living room and drew the rune to dissolve it, walking over to the kitchen counter and grabbing the green hair dye. A flash of movement in the lounge drew my attention, and I quickly stepped over to the carpeted area, stopping dead in my tracks at the vision before me.

Arlo Demarcus was there. In my apartment. Sitting in the patterned arm chair that I was pretty sure my Aunt had died in—though nobody had ever admitted it to me. He had been flicking through one of my photo albums, and was now paused on the page that showed me red-faced and furious, clutching a giant tub of popcorn. I remembered that day: Amanda had convinced me that the theatre was hosting a Harry Potter movie marathon, and it wasn’t until I was sitting down in front of the screen that I realised I had been tricked into watching Twilight. I had tried to stand and sneak out during the opening scene, but the girl sitting behind me had screamed at me to “Get on Team Jacob or get dead.


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