Carved in Darkness: A Sabrina Vaughn Novel by Maegan Beaumont

Carved in Darkness: A Sabrina Vaughn Novel by Maegan Beaumont

Author:Maegan Beaumont [Beaumont, Maegan]
Language: eng
Format: epub
Publisher: Severn River Publishing
Published: 2019-05-12T16:00:00+00:00


His outing had been a success. More than a success, actually. He’d just delivered Melissa’s gift when a commotion broke out across the lobby. He turned to see what was going on and could hardly believe his good fortune. She was here.

He watched a man twice her size grab her by the hair and punch her—once, twice—hard in the face. Any lingering doubt he might’ve had as to her identity vanished.

Her level of skill had improved. He had no doubt that she’d be a very dangerous opponent in a fair fight. The shiver of fear spilled down his spine again. During their time together, she’d been a spitting cat, all claws and teeth, but the way she fought back—her will to survive—remained the same.

She swung, connecting again and again. It lasted only seconds, thirty at best, before people dove in to break it up. The man had her by the hair and refused to let go. He ripped it out when they were pulled apart. She screamed—the rage-filled sound was one he remembered well.

There was a trio of officers behind the information counter where he stood. One of them came out and charged across the lobby while the other two stayed put. The man was hauled backward, screaming and cursing with every step. Melissa was dragged into a room by what looked like a professional football team in cargo pants, and the door was slammed shut. The lobby had come to a standstill—stunned civilians gaped at the empty space where there’d been violence only moments before. Someone coughed and it was enough to break the spell. Around him life resumed, but he continued to stare, let his gaze drift down the hall where the man had been taken.

The two officers behind the counter started talking. The man who attacked Melissa was named Sanford. Had been suspended for drinking on the job, practically lived at a bar—a place called the Station—owned by a couple of retired cops.

He left with a smile on his face.


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