Captiva Capitulation by Talyn Scott

Captiva Capitulation by Talyn Scott

Author:Talyn Scott [Scott, Talyn]
Language: eng
Format: epub
Publisher: Meltzer & Hawes Publishing
Published: 2013-05-02T05:00:00+00:00

Chapter Twelve

Rock carried his little female in his arms, heading upstairs in the afterglow of the best night of his life, followed by a honeymoon day spent in the warm gulf waters. He was mated to an amazing female, couldn’t ask for one more beautiful or kind-hearted. And when she recovered from her ordeals, she would encompass a vigor rivaling any full blood female werewolf. That was something he was sure of, since he’d watched his Queen Tatum transform in that very way. Sure, it would take some time, but he would glory in watching her grow stronger every single day.

Even though he had lain with countless females, he had never bathed one. Considered a high honor only shared between werewolf mates, the act of bathing remained an intimacy males wanted to share with only their celestially appointed females. Even if he were ‘hot-tubbing’ or taking a dive in the ocean, he never allowed another female to stroke up against his skin while he was in the water.

Walking inside his bathroom, Rock sent a mental directive and turned on the shower. Blythe stayed perfectly still in his arms, relaxed against his chest. They hadn’t made love today, was afraid she might be sore from last night. Still, he was dying to touch her, to show her how he could heighten her orgasms with their mental connection. Something he refused to do yesterday, since Blythe was unused to his piercings and his size, her body overly sensitive from her mating heat.

“Let’s take your swimsuit off, baby.” Rock eased her to the bathroom floor, purposefully sliding her soft lushness against his hard body. Not that he wasn’t hard enough.

She pursed those plush lips, the ones he wanted wrapped around his cock. “I take it – this time, you’re joining me?”

“Uh huh.” He crouched low, caging her in with his arms, his protection. Flaring out his chest, he postured, sensing her little gasp hit his breastbone.

“Did all these tattoos hurt?”

Like a motherfucker. “Not too badly.” Lowering his mouth, he hooked his canines on one strap, easing it off her sun-kissed shoulder. “I think you like them.”

“I think they make me feel strange when I look at them.” She clutched him, hard, hanging onto his forearms, digging her tiny nails in his skin. “Are they be-spelled?”

“Strange?” It was hard to think with his blood leaving his brain and rushing his cock.

“Horny,” she groaned, running her delicate tongue over his pierced nipple.

That was when his Beast slammed his forehead. “Blythe?” Rubbing his eyes with the heel of his hand, he blinked a few times.

“Yeah,” she said, staring up at him expectantly, biting the tip of her tongue between straight white teeth.

Swallowing a few times, he said, “I realize you may be a little sore, and I’m an understanding mate. But I need to be inside of you, even if it’s only my tongue.” Blue flared out, illuminating her body with his werewolf’s possession. “Just the taste of you in my mouth, running down my throat, will bring me satisfaction.


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