Built to be Loved by Riley Spark

Built to be Loved by Riley Spark

Author:Riley Spark [Spark, Riley]
Language: eng
Format: azw3
Published: 2020-01-14T16:00:00+00:00

Chapter Thirteen

To James’ surprise, Hue had confidently taken the tent off his hands and put it up in record time. It was only a small four person dome thing, but it usually left James scratching his head for longer than it should have any right to.

James leaned against the car while he watched Hue neatly zip the tent bag back up and tuck it away inside the door. James finished off his apple as he stood up straight. He threw the core into the plastic bag they’d brought along for rubbish, then walked over to admire Hue’s work up close.

“Not bad for your first attempt,” James said, nudging him. This time he noticed just how solid Hue’s torso really was.

“I found a program routine for my basic model to set up this type of tent online. I wouldn’t have been nearly as efficient without it.”

“Oh, you all share that sort of thing on the internet?”

Hue nodded. “It’s an experimental project the company is trying out to make us learn more efficiently. I was lucky this specific tent was on there, though the library is becoming quite extensive.”

“Huh, interesting,” James replied. He couldn’t help but wonder what other things were being recorded and shared, but tried not to dwell on it. “Anyway, let’s get some bedding inside this thing. I’ll probably crash after lunch.”

“Of course,” Hue replied as he turned back to the car.

James watched Hue’s apparent muscle mass shift as he unloaded the double swag. His father had bought it for him a few birthdays ago. It came in handy a lot since it was the perfect size to fill almost all of the tent, and it made a good spare bed when he needed one at home.

Hue hauled the large cylinder of thick canvas that they’d already put bedding inside into the tent and rolled it out flat. He unzipped it and pulled back the top layer of canvas to uncover the blankets, sheets, and pillows inside. Tomorrow morning James would probably be glad he could curl up inside it like a cocoon while he waited for it to warm up.

James checked to make sure he’d locked the car. Though they had only seen evidence of one other group using the camping ground so far, it was better to be safe than sorry. He removed his shoes in the small part of the tent that wasn’t covered by the swag and settled to sit at the end of the foam mattress.

Hue joined him, and zipped the door back up most of the way. “We got anything else to eat in here?” James asked as he opened one of the bags that had made it inside the tent. He was pleased to find one of them had thought to pack a box of muesli bars.

“I think that answers your question,” Hue replied. While he waited for James to finish eating he pulled the shell he’d taken from the beach out of his pocket and began to rub his thumb against its surface again.


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