Black Sunshine by Davie J Toothill

Black Sunshine by Davie J Toothill

Author:Davie J Toothill [Toothill, Davie J]
Language: eng
Format: epub
Published: 2019-07-10T16:00:00+00:00


Benis Fatusi had learnt from a young age that life was hard.

She and her twin sister had killed their mother in childbirth. It was a known fact, one that Benis had carried with her ever since she could remember. Their father had never blamed them, had never so much as suggested it, but she could see it in his eyes. The resentment was there even if Mr Fatusi had never acknowledged it.

He had raised them alone, giving all that he had to ensure that they had a good start in life. Benis had always been grateful to the man, he had been a good father, though he was still just a man, and without a mother figure in their lives, the twin sisters had bonded, perhaps more than any other sisters.

Though so similar in appearance and size, the two sisters could not have been more different in personality. Benis, an hour older than her sister, had the strength and sturdiness of an ox. She was stubborn. She did not take orders, did not do well with listening to others.

Bimpe, so used to deferring to her sister in all matters, was weak-willed. She could not make decisions, craved any bit of attention that did not go to her sister. It was for this reason, perhaps, that at the age of sixteen, Bimpe had married a man twice her age.

Gabriel’s interest had flattered her, so much so that she had overlooked his many flaws. He was known to gamble, and rumours of his womanising swirled across town. He was involved in dodgy businesses. Benis had disapproved of him at once, but Bimpe had, for the first time, not followed her sister’s orders. She had married him regardless.

The marriage had quickly disintegrated into what many people, Benis included, had feared it would. Bimpe realised too late that she had married an abusive man, an alcoholic, who cared not one bit for her or her emotional wellbeing, her safety. She turned to Benis for help, but she had made her bed and she had gradually accepted that she would have to lie in it. Perhaps, as some had suggested, her husband’s liver would pack in after a few years.

Benis had watched her sister suffer. She saw the black eyes and the bruises, pretended that her sister did not live her life on edge, afraid, always waiting for the next fight, the only respite when her husband was with another woman or at the bar.

She had tried not to get involved, but Benis was unable to sit back and watch. After their father’s funeral, she had gone to Bimpe and packed her bags. She would not let her sister spend another night under the same roof as her husband. She could not allow it.

Gabriel had returned early that night, just as Benis helped her sister drag her suitcase to the door. He had been apoplectic with rage, like a broken man. The thought of his wife leaving him was unheard of to him. He would not allow it.


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