Black Infinity (Discovery Series, #3) by Salvador Mercer

Black Infinity (Discovery Series, #3) by Salvador Mercer

Author:Salvador Mercer
Language: eng
Format: epub
Tags: Space exploration, genetic genes, first contact, thriller, adventure
Publisher: Salvador Mercer
Published: 2018-01-21T16:00:00+00:00

Chapter 11

Victory and Failure


Siberia, Russia

In the near future, Year 4, Day 182

“CONGRATULATIONS, MY old friend,” Dmitry said, his voice full of compassion and glee despite being digitized over the secure landline from Moscow.

Vlad felt dizzy and wanted to throw up. “Ah, yes, thank you, sir. It was most fortunate for us that Colonel Popov agreed to the order modification.”

“You are too modest, Vlad. Accept the accolades from the Premier Kolik himself. He’ll be calling you this evening. Well done.”

“Thank you, sir,” Vlad said, leaning forward in his office and trying not to faint at the news.

“You don’t seem as excited as we are,” Dmitry said, his voice changing to concern. “Are you ill?”

“No, sir,” Vlad lied. “I thought perhaps that ... well, you know how Minister Sokolov can be. I thought he’d be ... upset at Ruscosmos.”

“Ah, that is what weighs heavily on you. I understand now.” Dmitry’s voice softened. “It was a bold move, Vlad, but the results outweigh the circumvention of protocol in this case. Minister Sokolov can’t be anything but ecstatic at the way our forces have secured the alien compound, though come to think of it, he’s at a loss for why the Americans vacated so easily.”

“I thought that was in the report,” Vlad asked, confusion in his voice.

“Da, da, it was, but what’s a few injuries when compared to the glories of securing this technology for one’s Motherland? Perhaps the Americans aren’t made of the same stuff that we are, eh?” the older man chided.

“Stuff, sir?” Vlad was now pulling at his collar and trying to breath quietly, sure that his rapid intakes were audible to his old mentor.

“They love their cream too much, soft they can be. Did you see the clip where the American shuttles departed the surface and the camera panned down to see the Soviet flag fluttering over the Martian terrain? It was magnificent. In fact, the minister of internal communications wants that video run each and every hour on all channels. It was brilliant, I tell you.”

Vlad almost gagged. “He does?”

“Yes, and the premier approved it for the next two days. I’ve been invited to a special gala tomorrow night to celebrate our victory.”

“What did we win?”

“Come now, you jest.” Dmitry coughed to clear his throat after so much talking. “Enough of your modest behavior. I’m sure you have much work to do, so I’ll leave you to it. Don’t leave your office till after the premier calls, understood?”

“I’ll wait for his call, sir.”

“It won’t be long,” Dmitry said. “He’s in his morning meetings and then he’ll call before lunch.”

The time difference was several hours, so Vlad wasn’t looking forward to the wait, but he had no choice. “Sounds good, sir.”

“Until then,” Dmitry said, hanging up the phone.

Vlad put the phone down in its cradle and kept his head down between his knees. He breathed heavily and started to feel a tad better when the clicking of high heels gave his heart and lungs another kick.

“All done, sir?” Irina asked from the doorway.


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