Best Friend's Blood (Ironwrought Book 3) by Anna Wineheart

Best Friend's Blood (Ironwrought Book 3) by Anna Wineheart

Author:Anna Wineheart [Wineheart, Anna]
Language: eng
Format: epub
Published: 2017-11-07T00:00:00+00:00



The nightmare began like it always did.

Leo pulled into the parking lot by the ice cream parlor, guiding his Volvo between the painted white lines. In the cool moonlight, the lots stared emptily at him, desolate, the trees cutting ominous silhouettes against the sky. Nothing moved, except Leo. As though the trees, parlor and parking lot were all waiting for something to happen, something terrible.

He knew this feeling. He’d had this dream a hundred times before, except he could never remember what happened next.

Chest heavy with dread, Leo killed the engine, looking out of his window.

The retro signboard above the parlor doors glowed a pale blue. Someone—three people—waved at him from the doorway, their faces ghastly under the signboard. His mom, his dad, and Mitch.

Leo didn’t want to step out of the car. He didn’t want to cross the road to the ice cream shop, didn’t want to say hi to Mitch and his parents. Because... because... something bad would happen. He didn’t know what. And that made it all the more terrifying.

He sat in the car and waited, his heart pounding.

Nothing moved.

Leo, Mitch mouthed, waving. And Leo opened the car door despite the twisting of his gut. He was crossing the road. The streets around were empty, the shop counter unmanned—he needed to get all his important people back home, where they would be safe.

If he could get to them in time, if he could drag them back to his car in time... Please let me save them.

He was halfway across the parking lot when black mist swooped down on his parents. They fell out of the sky like hunting eagles, crashing into his tall, strong father. The mist swallowed Dad completely, and Leo’s stomach constricted.

This time would be different. He would save his dad.

He threw himself across the road, reaching for his silver knife. It wasn’t in his holster. Neither was the switchblade, or his phone. Shit, my weapons! Leo clenched his fists, lunging forward anyway. He’d use whatever he had. Except another twisting, dark mist swallowed his mom, her eyes wide with horror. Leo, she screamed.

A vampire’s head formed in the mist, pale-skinned, viper-sharp fangs glinting in the moonlight.

The fangs tore into Mom’s throat, ripping it open. Blood gushed down her body, spraying across the sidewalk.

Leo screamed. His mom was dead. The mist around his dad evaporated, leaving Ben Allen bone-thin and lifeless on the ground. Leo reeled, his heart tearing apart.

But there was Mitch—Mitch was behind them, pale and terrified and crying, hugging himself with his thin arms. He was still fine. There were no more vampires. Leo sprinted for him, yelling Mitch, Mitch, we have to get out.

Except Mitch’s canines stretched thin like a vampire’s.

In his gut, Leo knew this wasn’t supposed to happen. It wasn’t the usual nightmare.

Mitch’s eyes turned a bright blue; he surged toward Leo, slashing out with his claws. Crimson lines opened up on Leo’s forearm. Mitch, he tried to shout. Mitch grabbed his neck and slammed him into the parlor wall, his claws dragging down Leo’s chest, piercing between his ribs.


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