Bad Things by Nancy Bush

Bad Things by Nancy Bush


Author:Nancy Bush
Language: eng
Format: epub
Publisher: Kensington
Published: 2019-04-15T00:00:00+00:00

Chapter Thirteen

Kerry sat at her kitchen table, dunking a tea bag systematically in and out of her cup of hot water. She’d made herself a peanut butter sandwich on wheat bread, which she’d cut into quarters. She was nibbling on the second quarter but pushed the rest of the food away. She’d filled up a plate at the memorial service, but then had been too upset, annoyed, and busy to eat anything. Now she was too tired and fretful to finish the sandwich.

It was too early to go to bed. She tried television, switching through channels, then reading a novel, but she couldn’t keep her mind on it, so she tossed the book aside and paced from the bedroom to the kitchen.

Maybe she should go back to the hospital.

No, Jerry needed his rest.

Maybe she should check the motel? Take a walk?

But it was raining and dark.

She thought back on her conversation with Cole. She had the deflated feeling that Cole had just been being polite to her. He seemed to give her more attention than some of the others, but it was because she was Nick’s sister and close to Jerry rather than because they’d once been in love. Well, at least she’d been in love. Maybe he’d never felt quite the same way, but she’d had stars in her eyes from the start. And if she was honest with herself, she felt a little bit of it still. That jolt of her pulse when she saw him. The prickle of heightened awareness when she heard his voice.

“Oh, stop,” she muttered, washing off her plate and putting it in the dishwasher.

Why was it that Cole had to be the one for her? Honestly, it was a real pisser. She’d love to feel that way about someone else, anyone else. Her attraction to Vaughn hadn’t even come close to scaling the same heights; she could admit that now. Half of her attraction to him had been because she’d felt something. Call it lust. Or maybe just a yearning for what she’d had with Cole. Either way, she’d let herself be taken away by it, and she’d paid the price in a very unhappy marriage.

Shivering, Kerry reached for her jacket. She was still in her dress, but she slipped on the pair of black clogs she kept by the door to wear when she was walking the grounds, and stepped outside.

There was a light on in the unit farthest from the office, number twelve. Not the first time the workers had forgotten to hit the switch when they finished. She’d left the master key in her unit, so she turned around and returned to the office reception area, which was an adjunct to her apartment, currently open to her rooms during renovation because the outside door to the office had been boarded shut. Hurrying back inside her apartment, she slipped into the reception area and the safe with the electronic code that held all the keys. She punched in the number, and the safe’s door whirred open.


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