Bad Luck City - Matt Phillips by Near To The Knuckle

Bad Luck City - Matt Phillips by Near To The Knuckle

Author:Near To The Knuckle [Knuckle, Near To The]
Language: eng
Format: epub
Publisher: Close To The Bone
Published: 2016-02-06T23:00:00+00:00


At Smitty’s, I lunged past the bar and into the restroom. I yanked at my slacks and lowered my zipper. I started to piss and reminded myself not to drink too much. I’d promised Gloria some laughs, and that’s what she deserved. But Chelsea’s face floated into my head; Gloria put her at The Tokyo with this Richie guy. And she put Chelsea and Richie with Stan Evers. And then I thought about the paintings Evers had just shown me. Odd fucking paintings. Grotesque portraits of women in various states of emotion—most had to do with pain. While Evers showed them to me—they were hanging on a wall in the spare bedroom of his suite—I couldn’t help but feel my blood surging from my heart. All this talk about truth from Evers and I knew—the paintings were the real thing. Evers made the women experience pain. How, I didn’t know. But then he drew their faces. It was all so… queer. They were passable paintings though, and Evers had at least some talent. That was easy for anybody to see. And he planned to hang these paintings in The Tokyo’s rooms. “Guests will see pleasure,” he said. “Not pain. So often we confuse pain with pleasure.” I shook my head and buttoned my pants, but before I turned around, the bathroom door swung open; the voltage from a taser hit me like a pro fullback. I collapsed and registered a shiver in my feet. A rigid grip held my jaw. It came again, one wave hiding behind another, and took the air from my throat. I heard myself grunt, yelp, choke… But then it was happening to another body, some sack of bones in a wrinkled suit. Two faces hovered over me, faces like stone, sand–blasted sculptures with smiles stretching below their foreheads.

My edges faded. Then, it was dark.


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