Backwater Channel by Steven Becker

Backwater Channel by Steven Becker

Author:Steven Becker [Becker, Steven]
Language: eng
Format: epub
Publisher: The White Marlin Press
Published: 2018-02-14T22:00:00+00:00


A shower, change of clothes, and a few hours of sleep had me feeling better. That was, until I had to stand in front of Martinez. He was unusually subdued this morning and I was trying to figure out his mood while waiting for him to speak. I settled on it being Saturday, he had probably had to forgo his tee time. Finally, I had a case where I wasn’t the one to find the body and the crime didn’t take place within the park boundaries. He should be happy.

“If it weren’t for the damned budget, I’d cut you loose on this case too, Hunter.” He shook his head as if it were a sad thing. Maybe it was. If we could solve the case, there'd be a lot of positive media coverage for us.

I had my own problems. It was bad enough having to work with Susan as a pseudo partner. Adding Grace to the mix was a cocktail I had no taste for. Still, maybe it was stubbornness, but I wanted the case.

Seeing him this way gave me an in and I pried the knife into the oyster. “The cases are clearly related.” I started to lay out my argument. “Let Miami-Dade run with it. I know the detective that’s handling the case. Maybe we can set up some kind of liaison arrangement with them.” He looked up from his papers.

“That could work. Let them use their resources and you just tag along for the ride. I like that.”

I knew he would. Now I added the closer. “Susan might be a problem though. She doesn’t get along with detective Herrera all that well. Could be some friction.”

At first, I thought I had gone too far, but the odds of finding another reason to lose Susan as my partner might never come along. I was still upset about spotting her at Amos’s last night and I expected sooner, rather than later, he would consult his overnight surveillance feeds and discover we were both at the house where the latest victim had been, just hours before the attack.

“I’ll handle her,” he said. “Just try to wrap this up quickly. We’ve got a couple of big weeks coming up out there.”

He was referring to the two weeks around the holidays. If the weather held, the week between Christmas and New Year was one of our busiest seasons. Busy here meant tourists that would pad his stats before the year ended. “I’ll check on the autopsy and see how Miami-Dade is doing with the investigation this morning.”

“Remember, Hunter, the key word here is to let them do the work. If I were you, I’d get a couple of hours of patrol in and let them handle the heavy lifting.”

That didn’t surprise me and I was fine with it. There were more layers to this case than what I was wearing to fight off the morning chill. With a brisk wind blowing cold air from the north, I didn’t expect much boating action out there.


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