Automated Marketing: Monetise Your Sales Funnel by Kylee Ellis

Automated Marketing: Monetise Your Sales Funnel by Kylee Ellis


Author:Kylee Ellis [Ellis, Kylee]
Language: eng
Format: epub
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Publisher: Virtual Marketing
Published: 2015-01-01T08:00:00+00:00


There are two examples I would like to talk about in this section, both of which personally happened to me in the process of both writing this book and using myself as the beta test customer on all techniques in it to prove they worked before releasing.

The first is enforcing my ‘don’t chase them they will come to you’ philosophy and the second is to show you how to get them to find you if this is happening quickly enough without needing to follow the traditional press release structure to get media attention.

In example one, I actually got media attention while writing this book proving my self-fulfilling marketing philosophy not only before I released it but before I actively set about putting my teaching into practice as my own beta customer (as all marketing is about testing and measuring and you must always test everything you do on a regular basis to ensure it is still working for you). It was actually only moments after I completed the first draft of this chapter that I got a Facebook message (yes, this is the whole reason you want a good social media presence so people can build a relationship with you and see what you are capable of doing for them without needing to a) first speak to you or b) have you sell yourself to them) requesting to be interviewed by a US magazine whose target market was billionaires (not millionaires as I was used to working with and making) with the potential offer (depending on how good the story was) of making me cover girl. I have had lots of media attention in the past in the traditional method, i.e. you write a press release, you send it to relevant media contacts based on a targeted media list you have built and then you follow up that list religiously over the next few days to get as high a conversion rate as possible. This approach has led me to get a lot of radio attention in every state of Australia, a 15-minute primetime live-to-air TV appearance as well as both local and various states newspaper coverage, but I had never to this point in time found magazines were interested in what I had to say (other than an online or digital magazine from time to time). While this coverage at the time of printing has not been released yet (else I would include a visual sample in this case study) I found it so encouraging to see what I was teaching instantly come to life that I decided to update my teaching which you have benefited from by reading this book as originally these techniques were designed to make you a seven-figure income without really trying but I improved on them so that people who wanted to try hard would be able to work towards that billion mark. At the time of printing, this result has also yet to be achieved but I am currently personally working with several people well on the way to achieving this.


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