Aspiria Rising by Douglas Barton

Aspiria Rising by Douglas Barton

Author:Douglas Barton
Language: eng
Format: azw3, epub
Publisher: Barton Publishing
Published: 2017-11-14T23:00:00+00:00

The Alliance members sat around the basement table. Dominy’s forehead bobbed and his head tapped the table. The competitions, class work, research, they never stopped. He popped his head up. “How much time’s left?”

Genna rubbed the corners of her eyes. “Just got the new data from Everlen’s medical records. 0.75 years.”

Dominy grabbed a graduated glass beaker and filled it with a protein drink, precisely to the seventh line. The seventh line represented Neuron 8’s seventh win.

“I, Dominy, a member of the WAR, drink from this beaker as a symbol of truth.”

One after another, each member filled a beaker, repeated the statement and drained the chalky green liquid.

Cal, the last to drink, gargled and swished, prolonging the ordeal for maximum drama. “That’s foul. What is it?”

“Kale-aide. It’s got protein, thiamin, riboflavin.” Dominy knew that other than a nasty-tasting drink, there was no sacrifice. They loved MetaMath. And they loved winning. Winning meant spending more time together and winning meant the cause was alive. “We need to supercharge our research projects. Even if we all get promoted to Thirds, with no committee-approved research there are no masterships.”

They walked to the east side of the basement and set up partitions, forming eight research stations. Dominy arranged two library side tables and a small chair in his cubicle. He laid out his stack of papers on high-temperature superconductivity on one of the tables.

Nalton hobbled over to Dominy’s cubicle and pointed. “Paper?”

Dominy held up his notepad. “I don’t trust this anymore. Nobody should. Genna said we can’t secure them. When I’m not working on HTS, I’ll keep the papers on me.” He opened his robe and smiled. “I sewed in this special inside pocket.”

He turned to the other table. “I’m also initiating a research project on ancient history. I’m sure Sergian’s All Thirds’ Day idea—like Luce’s Cubes—came from the time of the Academics. Maybe by widening the search to all of ancient Aspirian history, I’ll figure out Sergian’s motives.”

Gentle hands fell on his shoulders. “Hey, Dreamer, try this on.” Genna slipped a chain over his neck. “Might get you in the mood for the subject.”


“A medallion. I made a necklace for you—like in ancient times. Yours is the highest rank.”

Odd metal. “It’s—” Dominy wanted to comment on the medallion’s composition but stopped himself. A gift. He brought the tiny star-shaped piece of metal with its beautiful engraving to his lips. “I love it. Thank you.” He stepped toward her. Genna flashed a wide smile.

Nalton stepped between them. “Uh, aren’t you worried about studying history?”

“Actually, I am a bit nervous. Talia might melt down. I’ll have to notify her soon.” Dominy wanted to cry as Genna’s smile dissolved. “Don’t worry. Studying a particular subject isn’t a Code violation.” Not yet.

He stepped out of his cubicle and searched the book stacks, row after row, for anything referencing special days in history. He popped out from an aisle. “Calendars! I’m not finding anything in books, but where would you find a listing for a special day? A calendar. Everyone, help me search.


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