As Timeless as the Sea by Serenity Woods

As Timeless as the Sea by Serenity Woods

Author:Serenity Woods
Language: eng
Format: epub
Tags: Alpha hero holiday vacation rural, romantic comedy humor, marriage wedding love friendship, dating relationships single women, family life sister beach, international Australia Pacific
Publisher: Serenity Woods
Published: 2017-09-09T04:00:00+00:00

Chapter Thirteen

“I NEED ANOTHER BOX of tissues,” Jace said.

It was two days after Sam and Ginger’s wedding, Monday the eighteenth of December. The secretaries had gone to town on the offices, and fairy lights flashed on and off all day, while tinsel twinkled around the door frames, and every desk had a miniature Christmas tree with baubles and chocolates and tiny fiber-optic lights.

The law firm was as busy as ever. It was a sad truth, but if Jace had learned one thing through being a family lawyer, it was that Christmas was often the catalyst for an explosion of family problems. The holiday had a way of bringing things to a head, whether that be a division between which family a couple spent time with, to who was supposed to look after the children, to money issues that invariably caused a rift between parents trying to provide for their kids.

His assistant, Martin, got a box out of the cupboard and handed it to him, his face full of pity. “You all right in there?”

“Tough case,” Jace said. “Sorting this one out is like having someone reach into your chest and rip out your heart.”

“Want me in there as moral support?”

“Nah, I’m good, but thanks for the offer.” He paused at the door, took a deep breath, then went back in.

Tim Baker was sitting on one of the comfy seats in front of his desk, leaning forward, his elbows on his knees, his head hanging. As Jace came in, he straightened and reached for the tissue box without meeting Jace’s eyes. “Sorry, man.”

“No worries.” Jace sat back in the seat opposite and pushed his notes away. It was unusual for a man to be in tears in his office, but it wasn’t the first time. An acrimonious divorce had been known to bring more than one guy to his knees.

Tim was a fellow member of the rugby club. Jace knew him, although not well. His wife had walked in on him in bed with another woman, and the next day she’d filed for divorce with the promise that she was going to take him for everything she could get.

Tim wiped his face and blew his nose, then sat back and looked out of the window disconsolately. “I know I deserve it,” he said, his voice sad. “But does she have to be so mean about it? Especially just before Christmas.”

Jace suppressed a sigh. It was common for clients to treat him as a counsellor, a role for which he most certainly wasn’t trained. Neither did he have the experience of being married or divorced. He had common sense, but he was sure many people would say that was seriously flawed.

But he did have a heart, and he hoped he had an ability to put himself in other people’s shoes and to try to understand why they made the decisions they did.

Tim shouldn’t have cheated on his wife. There was no arguing it, and that was why the guy would end up losing half of his possessions, his house, and time with his baby girl.


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