An Amish Holiday Wedding (Amish Country Courtships Book 3) by Carrie Lighte

An Amish Holiday Wedding (Amish Country Courtships Book 3) by Carrie Lighte

Author:Carrie Lighte [Lighte, Carrie]
Language: eng
Format: epub
Tags: Contemporary Romance, Women's Fiction, Forever Love, Christian Stories, Faith Based, Inspirational Reads, Denominations & Sects, Love Inspired, Bachelor, Single Woman, Amish, Pennsylvania Dutch, Traditional, Clean Romance, Farming, Animals, Simple Living, Plain Clothes, Mennonite, Buggy Travel, Amish Country, Courting, Old Fashion Ways, German Language, Hearts Desire, Bible Teaching, Life-Changes, Second Chance Reunion, Honesty & Trust, Home & Family, Lifetime Love, Love-Family & Forever, Action & Adventure, Small Town & Rural Area, Amish Country Courtships, Willow Creek Ohio, Christmas Holidays & Celebration, Christmas Time, Holiday Whimsy, Festive Season, Winter Weather, Snowy Winter Weather
Publisher: Love Inspired; Original edition
Published: 2018-10-01T04:00:00+00:00

Chapter Eight

As grateful as Faith was to Hunter for helping her depart the celebration prematurely, she was simultaneously dismayed at herself for divulging the reason she wanted to escape. What a bobblemoul I am, she thought, blabbering on about Lawrence like that. Hunter characteristically was an attentive and nonjudgmental listener, but he wasn’t Faith’s confidant, and she was mortified that she disclosed such personal feelings. If she wasn’t more careful, who knows what else she’d share in a moment of emotional distress? She resolved to keep her mouth shut on the way home, but as it happened, Hunter barely uttered a word, either.

Because she accepted a ride with him instead of returning home with Mason after the wedding, Faith knew there’d be no convincing her sister-in-law she wasn’t walking out with Hunter, so she decided she wouldn’t try. When she entered her room, she simply greeted Henrietta, who was tucking the boys in for the night.

“I’m tired. I think I’ll go to bed now, too,” she whispered. “Gut nacht.”

Yet instead of sleeping, she interlaced her fingers behind her head and stared at the ceiling.

“Ant Faith,” her nephew whispered from the other side of the divider, interrupting her thoughts. “Are you awake?”

“Jah, what is it, Andy?”

“Mamm says soon you’re going to leave us to go live in the bakery.”

“Jah, in an apartment above the bakery.”

“Don’t you like living with us anymore?”

“Of course I do. But when I move to the apartment above the bakery, your daed can take the divider down and you and your brother will have lots more space.”

“I don’t want lots more space.” Andrew sniffed. “I want you to stay here with us.”

Faith squeezed her eyes tightly, and two tears dribbled down each side of her face. “I will visit every Sunday, and you may visit me above the bakery, too.”

“Will your compartment smell like peanut butter sheet cake?”

Faith giggled. “Jah, I suppose my apartment will smell like peanut butter sheet cake if that’s what I’ve made in the bakery. When you visit, we’ll eat a piece of whatever I baked that day, okay?”

“I would like that, Ant Faith. Gut nacht,” the boy whispered sleepily.

“Gut nacht.”

As Faith stretched on her bed, she was filled with self-doubt. Maybe her sister-in-law was right: it wasn’t essential for her to move or even for her to earn a salary—Henrietta probably would have been more appreciative of Faith’s help at home, in the garden and around the farm than she was of the financial contributions Faith made toward their household expenses.

Faith asked herself why she was striving so hard for something that wasn’t considered a necessity. She already knew the answer: she liked being a business owner, she liked serving her customers and she liked baking. There was nothing she was better at doing or relished doing more.

In fact, for the first time since Lawrence broke up with her, Faith realized how relieved she was that she hadn’t end up marrying him after all. She’d been a farmer’s daughter her entire youth.


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