A Taste for Sin (aka. Wild to Possess) (1961) by Gil Brewer

A Taste for Sin (aka. Wild to Possess) (1961) by Gil Brewer

Author:Gil Brewer
Language: eng
Format: mobi, epub
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Then I went out and bought a white fifty-five Buick for six hundred dollars. In a half an hour, I was on the road, headed up-state.

It had been hectic. But with every mile, I was closer to Felice—my Spanish bomb.

I was dizzy with all I had to do. And there were still maybe 700,000 items on the list so I could make it equal the million so I could get the million. Because that’s how it seemed to work; one item accomplished, one dollar made toward that load in the cash vault. Every time I’d think I had it ironed out in my head, I’d see one more flaw to be taken care of. It always meant two or three more items on the list.

They say Crime doesn’t pay. Well, the catch is you’ve got to work harder to really make it with crime than you ever worked at anything else in your life.

And you work under near impossible strain.

It was about forty miles to Newark. I went right on through, thinking, My old home town, yes, sir! I stopped in Rockland County, at Nyack, and went to the Post Office and wrote a letter to the County Clerk, Charleston, South Carolina, asking for Gertrude Bingham’s birth certificate. I asked to have it sent to Riverport immediately, airmail, and enclosed five dollars and many thanks. Then I drove like a madman.

There was an irresistible pull, a regular yank. It was that bad. I had to get back, and fast.

At Syracuse, I consulted How To Make Keys, and bought several different files, a small vise, a pair of cutting pliers at one place, and some graph paper at another, and stiff cardboard and scissors at still another. Then I picked up some various sized key blanks, the closest I could come to the bank key of George’s. I was certain one of them would be right I bought two of each for goofing privileges. I bought a thing they use for tracing on metal, and two different pens filled with two different grades and colors of ink. I filled out the identity cards in the wallets I’d bought Sunday. Roy Taft etc., and Gertrude Bingham, with a Hackettstown address and crossed that out with the other pen and wrote Gertrude Taft, with the Riverport address. I put some bills in the wallets and sat on Felice’s the rest of the way to Allayne. Somewhere along the road, I threw the pens out the car window.

James Nightmare Monomaniac Phalen.

Or maybe just maniac?

I drove to Bridgedale, utterly exhausted now. I bought garage space for the Buick, caught a bus to Allayne, called a cab and went to the airport, picked up the Chev and drove home.


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