A Mind's Wish by Literotica.com

A Mind's Wish by Literotica.com

Author:Literotica.com [liter]
Language: eng
Format: epub
Tags: liter
Publisher: Unknown
Published: 2011-01-08T03:49:26.037000+00:00

Once more he saw such images. But then something caught his mind's eye. It was one specific fantasy, of her standing there in a wedding dress next to her betrothed. Erik had noticed before that the groom had no face, no well defined form in her mind. He interpreted it as in she simply hadn't decided who that was yet. But that day he recognized something, recognized the haze around that groom.

He had seen it before. It was a shroud in the mind, used to hide something. The more someone did not want to confront something, the more this haze hung in the air. He felt stupid for not recognizing it before, quickly pushing past the barrier with his power. That's when he saw what Terry was hiding, from the world and herself. In her fantasy wedding, her spouse was female.


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