Zombie Family Reunion by Zack Zombie

Zombie Family Reunion by Zack Zombie


Author:Zack Zombie [Zombie, Zack]
Language: eng
Format: epub
Publisher: Zack Zombie Publishing LLC
Published: 2015-07-14T04:00:00+00:00

So, as we walked down the tunnel, Piggy kept talking.

“You know, Mummies were some of the original Zombies thousands of years ago,” Piggy said. “They were really smart. They were great engineers and scientists.”

“If they were so smart, why did they look so dumb?” I said, make-believing that I was an Egyptian Zombie. “Look at me, I’m an Egyptian Dummy.”

“That’s Mummy,” Piggy said.

An Egyptian mummy

Steve started laughing. “Hey Piggy, what did the Egyptian Zombie engineers and scientists specialize in, anyway?”

“Booby traps,” Piggy said.

Steve and I stopped dead in our tracks and looked at each other.

“Shiny!” Wesley said.

We turned his way, yelling, “NO!”

It was too late. He pulled a gold lever on the wall.

Suddenly, the entire floor caved in and we all fell through it.



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