Wolf's Vendetta by Craig MacIntosh

Wolf's Vendetta by Craig MacIntosh

Author:Craig MacIntosh [MacIntosh, Craig]
Language: eng
Format: epub
Tags: Fiction
ISBN: 9780991361120
Publisher: Pugio Books
Published: 2015-07-14T04:00:00+00:00

Chapter 53

On the opposite coast, Verlov was thinning the ranks of potential rivals with grim efficiency. A week following Sergov’s execution, he caught two of Ivanov’s crew off-balance in a twenty-four hour Laundromat. The pair were lured by a phony drug deal too good to pass up and trapped by Verlov’s hired guns. Vasily Philipenko and Yuri Borkov, forced to kneel alongside a terrified patron at the rear of the business, were executed with a single shot at the nape of the neck. The witness bolted through a back door only to be brought down in the alley. Alerted by an anonymous caller, police arrived one hour later to find the unlucky customer sprawled by a Dumpster at the back of the business. A search of the Laundromat turned up two corpses—Philipenko and Borkov—stuffed like pretzels in industrial-sized dryers.

That night a panicked Sergei Helinski called Ivanov.

“Dimitri, bad news. Terrible.”

“Levich is dead?”

“No. Worse. Sergov’s dead. And Philipenko and Borkov. All dead.”

Ivanov groaned. Three of his crew wiped out. “Verlov?”

“Has to be.”

Fighting to recover, Ivanov said, “Does the boss know?”

“I can’t get to him. Nobody can get to him. He’s locked up tight.”

“No way to send word to him?”

“How? I can’t risk trying to see him. Verlov’s byki are now with the boss most days. They trade off with the old regulars. Anyone wanting to talk to Levich now has to go through Verlov.”

“I knew it. I told you not to let your guard down. I said Verlov would be making a run at you. I just didn’t think it would happen this quick.”

A whine in Helinski’s voice. “When do you come back?”

“I leave tomorrow to wrap up a job here before I can return. It may take me two days, perhaps three at the most.”

“Three days! That’s a lifetime, Dimitri. So what am I to do? There’s only me, Yuri, and Petor left.”

“You find a place to hide. Get out of town for a while. Disappear.”

Ivanov heard despair in Helinski’s voice. “If we do what you say, Verlov will tell Levich we’ve run out on him. You know how paranoid the old man can be.”

“I know. But you have no choice. I’ll fix things with the boss when I get back. It’s important that you not take on Verlov without me.”

“Maybe me and Yuri can take him when he’s over at Dagmar Danilev’s like you planned. It could work.”

“Don’t try it. You need me there, Andrei.”

An accusation. “And you ain’t here, are you?”

“Not by choice. You think I want to be here?”

“I don’t know what to do, Dimitri. I didn’t figure on this.”

“Do what I tell you. Get the guys and go to ground somewhere.”

“Yeah, but Verlov—”

“Fuck Verlov! You want to survive to fight another day, then you disappear now! You listening to me, Andrei?”

A pause. “Yeah, yeah. I hear you. Okay, I do it. Only you got to come back or we’re not gonna make it out alive, Dimitri.”

“I’m coming back. Don’t you forget. Wait until you’re somewhere safe before you call this number again.


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