Witchin' Stix - Lissa Matthews by Lissa Matthews

Witchin' Stix - Lissa Matthews by Lissa Matthews


Author:Lissa Matthews
Language: eng
Format: epub
Tags: paranormal fantasy, small towns, humor, paranormal romance, demons, witches and wizards
Publisher: Lissa Matthews
Published: 2018-10-21T16:00:00+00:00

Chapter Seven

“But a demon? How can I be mated to a demon? And how could you allow it?”

“I didn’t allow it. Who your mate is, is not my call. That is up to the Fates.”

“There’s a reason people don’t like you.”

“I’m not here to be anyone’s friend. That is not my job.”

“Well, that’s a good thing, because you’re definitely not my friend.”


“What am I supposed to do? He said I had three days to return to him of my own free will or he’ll come for me.”

“If it helps, he has never reneged on a deal and he’s never failed to return a favor when it’s been needed because occasionally little demon underlings wiggle out of Hell.”

“You mean like the Wicked?”

“Yes, like the Wicked.”

“But my magic is safe?”


“Then why didn’t you tell me? Never mind. I’m not sure you’d tell me the truth anyway. You can go away now. I have things to figure out.”

“Kandy, there are always reasons for why the Fates choose the way they do. Morgan is a demon, yes, but not all demons are evil at heart. He was born a demon, he had no choice about being a demon any more than you had being born a witch.”

I watched, my mouth hanging open, as she smiled and disappeared, purple haze left in her wake.

She couldn’t be right, could she? Not about a demon being an okay guy? We were warned against demons from the time we were born. Beware the gorgeous, smooth talking, dark dressed men, for they were not men at all. They were demons from Hell sent to do the bidding of evil.

But no one ever warns you that you could end up as the mate of one.

And no one ever tells you what to do about it if you do end up as the mate of one.

How did he know we were mates without having met me?

How long had he known?

If I return to him within the three days, do I have to stay forever? How do I get answers to any of these questions without going back?

None of this made me happy and I wanted my happy back. I missed my happy, my perky, my life that consisted of friends and baking sweet treats. I hadn’t been deprived of anything or anyone. I’d never even cared that I hadn’t been kissed. Not until yesterday. Not until Paris. Not until Morgan in his penthouse brushing his lips against mine.

I still felt him. How could this be possible? I couldn’t stop thinking about him, either, but that was normal, right? I mean, given all that happened, all that had been revealed?

For now, though, I was content to play in my kitchen and pretend that all was right with the world.


“Not now Barry.”

“I’m Larry.”

“Not now Larry.”

“Please let me help.”

“Why are you being nice and wanting to help?”

“I’m always nice and it’s my job to help.”

“I don’t know what you can do, and I don’t want to talk about it anymore. Let me just be for a while.


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