Windows 7 Control Panel: For System Administrators by John Monyjok Maluth

Windows 7 Control Panel: For System Administrators by John Monyjok Maluth

Author:John Monyjok Maluth [Maluth, John Monyjok]
Language: eng
Format: azw3
Publisher: UNKNOWN
Published: 2018-10-13T16:00:00+00:00

Here you can see the same device name but with a different icon for recording sound. I can use this device to record sound but I must connect a headphone with my computer for me to do this. The sounds tab can allow me to choose the sound type I want for my computer and there are many sounds by default from the Windows Operating System.

The communication tab shown above can allow me to do many other things such as; mute all other sounds, reduce the volume of other sounds by 80% or 50% when playing this sound. I can choose the do nothing option – phone calls. Only one radio button can be used once at a time as shown above. I like using the “reduce volume” of other sound by 80% option and that is why I used it.

Power options – again, you can access the power options under this feature in Windows 7. You can now change the battery settings, require a password when computer wakes if needed. Adjust the screen brightness, change what the power buttons do and change when the computer sleeps. In the power option setting, please see the previous chapters (Unit 1).

Display – you can make text and other items larger or smaller, connect to an external display, adjust the screen resolution or connect to a projector from here as well. There are many different processes to open the tool or feature in Windows and this is why some features are being repeated in this book.


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