Way of Choices: Book 09 by Mao Ni

Way of Choices: Book 09 by Mao Ni

Author:Mao Ni
Language: eng
Format: epub
Tags: Action, Adventure, Comedy, Fantasy, Martial Arts, Romance, School Life, Xuanhuan

Chapter 852 – Assassination in the Ancestral Hall

* * *

A Daoist nun sat in one sedan chair, a horsetail whisk in the crook of her left arm.

This horsetail whisk had clearly been repaired within the last two years, as it looked very new.

The Daoist nun did not appear very old, but she still gave off an old and lifeless aura. Moreover, she also had a strange and detestable temperament.

Wang Po hated her. If not for her husband, he would have cut off one of her arms two years ago.

Of course, other than people like Wang Po, no one dared to show the slightest hatred toward this Daoist nun.

Because this Daoist nun had a ruthless temper, because this Daoist nun was called Wuqiong Bi, one of last generation's Storms of the Eight Directions, an expert of the Divine Domain.

The other sedan chair was empty.

The person who had been sitting here was currently standing at Wang Po's side.

This was a very fat middle-aged man. He was dressed in a yellow gown, his corpulent flesh drooping from his belt, making him seem rather comical.

But in the same way, no one dared to jeer at him.

Because he was the Prince of Xiang, the most powerful prince of the Great Zhou Imperial Court, supported by countless soldiers and ministers.

And not too long ago, he finally broke through that threshold and became the first member of the Chen Imperial clan among Emperor Xian's descendants to become a true expert of the Divine Domain.

The above matter was only known by a scant few people at present.

Only when he traveled from the capital to Wenshui City, rode a sedan chair to Chicken Crow Mountain, stood at Wang Po's side, and gazed at the beautiful landscape before him did a few more people find out.

Wang Po said, "I'm surprised."

The Prince of Xiang sighed, "I'm also surprised."



The snowstorm engulfed Wenshui City, and it also engulfed the ancestral hall.

The black roof was piled with snow, rendering it a pleasant white. The white walls did not become whiter. On the contrary, the light in the courtyard reflecting off the snow made them seem grayer.

As the snowstorm paused and continued, intensified and eased, the light from the sky continuously changed, dimming and brightening.

In this fluctuation of light, many figures appeared in the storm.

The assassins were dressed in white, with masks over their faces. Like the snowstorm, they also exuded a chill. It was very difficult for anyone to notice them.

The moment they appeared, Tang Thirty-Six noticed them, but this was because they didn't care that he noticed.

Tang Thirty-Six narrowed his eyes.

The cold wind brushed against his face. Though it was unable to cool him, it did cause his hair, which was oily and filthy from lack of washing, to waft up.

He didn't like this feeling, because the scene was not beautiful enough, nor was the smell very pleasant.

He gazed at the white-clothed assassins in the courtyard of the ancestral hall and scratched his head. "All of you fighting just me? That's too unfair."

The assassins naturally would not reply.


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