Utah! by Ross Dana Fuller

Utah! by Ross Dana Fuller

Author:Ross, Dana Fuller
Language: eng
Format: epub
Tags: Central Pacific Railroad Company, Union Pacific Railroad Company, Holt, Toby (Fictitious character), Martin, Rob (Fictitious character), Holt, Clarissa (Fictitious character), Martin, Beth (Fictitious character), Holt, Toby (Fictitious character), Martin, Rob (Fictitious character), Holt, Clarissa (Fictitious character), Martin, Beth (Fictitious character)
Publisher: Toronto ; New York : Bantam
Published: 1984-08-05T16:00:00+00:00

UTAH! 161

He was so bold that some men in the saloon caught their breath.

The giant turned slowly, lazily. He proceeded to draw a long, curved sword from his belt. In his other hand he grasped the hilt of his murderous hatchet.

Men shrank from his path, giving him clear access to Toby. No one knew whether he intended to advance or whether he planned to throw one of his weapons, but the onlookers were taking no chances.

Neither was Toby Holt. Drawing a pistol with lightning speed, he fired the weapon, and the sound of the shot echoed loudly through the bar. Those who were unfamiliar with Toby’s marksmanship were astonished when they saw that the bullet struck the sword and knocked it from Wang’s hand. It lay useless on the floor, some feet from him.

But the hatchet man was far from finished. With a fierce growl, he drew back his other hand and let fly his murderous hatchet, aiming it at his opponent’s head.

Toby had no time to lose. He sighted the hatchet as it flew through the air, and then he squeezed the trigger. The bullet hit the blade with a loud ringing noise almost simultaneously with the explosion of the gun, and the hatchet spun to the floor. In a remarkable display of marksmanship, Toby had actually shot down the weapon in midair.

The spectators, badly shaken, stared at Toby in openmouthed astonishment. Wang may have been an expert at throwing his hatchet, but he could not compare with Toby Holt in self-protection. The hatchet had fallen not far from where Toby was standing. With his gun still aimed at his adversary, Toby nudged the hatchet with his toe, brought it closer still, and then with a swift sideways kick, sent it across the floor and out the door of the saloon into the dirt street beyond. Then he retrieved the sword in the same way, and a kick got rid of it, as well.


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