Two Scoops of Murder by Gretchen Allen

Two Scoops of Murder by Gretchen Allen

Author:Gretchen Allen [Allen, Gretchen]
Language: eng
Format: epub
Publisher: Summer Prescott Books
Published: 2019-07-20T04:00:00+00:00

Chapter 10

With Vanessa gone, what are we going to do?” Stella asked, looking around the table at her coworkers.

“We’re going to do what we always do.” Yvette gave a single nod. “Get things done.”

Earlier that morning, Yvette had gotten the call from Heath that it was okay to reopen Sundae Afternoon. With one full-time and one part-time employee out on vacation, she knew it would be touch and go when the shop got busy, but they’d all handled it before, and they would do it again.

“I can pick up a few extra shifts at night,” Leslie offered.

“Me too,” said Joey.

“There we have it, guys.” Yvette clapped. “I’ll be working every day and have scheduled myself off this weekend for the Vermont opening and the following weekend for the opening in Connecticut. Other than that, I’ll be here to open every day until Vanessa and Sage get back. I know my parents will come help out if we need them as well.”

“Okay, so, I have to know… Are you going to accept the VP job?” Joey finally asked.

Yvette knew the question was coming. By now, everyone had heard that she’d gotten an official job offer and for the most part, she’d tried not to talk about it much. She’d explained to Glenn that there was a lot going on at Sundae Afternoon and that she felt responsible for making sure that it was all taken care of before she could possibly make a decision. Yvette felt that he’d understood her situation and that her decision to ask him to give her some time to decide was a good one. She knew he wouldn’t wait forever, but she also hoped that he’d appreciate her dedication to the job that she’d held for so long.

“Honestly,” Yvette began, “I don’t know. I love it here, and I love all of you. The thought of losing that is almost painful. It’s been my entire life for twenty years and letting that go seems impossible. On the other hand, it’s the National Ice Cream Alliance…. How on earth do I say no to that?”

“I don’t envy you,” Stella joked. “I think I speak for everyone when I say that we don’t want you to leave, but we do understand that the choice is a big one. We don’t want you to feel like you have to stay because of us.”

“But,” Joey chimed in. “We don’t want you to leave.”

“Thank you. All of you have been amazing, and I promise that you’ll all be the first to know what I decide.”

It was true. Yvette loved Sundae Afternoon and her employees. She wasn’t entirely sure she wanted to leave them no matter how good the opportunity. She still had a little time to make her choice, and she’d done what Nate suggested and contacted the managers of the other locations. The next order of business was getting her own shop back up and running. She could only hope that customers would come in after what had happened.

“When are you thinking of opening back up?” Leslie asked.


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