Twin to Twin by Crystal Duffy

Twin to Twin by Crystal Duffy

Author:Crystal Duffy [Duffy, Crystal]
Language: eng
Format: epub
ISBN: 9781633538344
Publisher: Mango Media
Published: 2018-10-30T02:32:04+00:00

Chapter 17

For Better or Worse

I’d kept busy the days leading up to our anniversary—my regular round-the-clock monitorings, biophysical ultrasounds with Ashley and visits from my friends, my mom and dad and, of course, Abby. I even saw my sister Melissa. She’d been in Austin working during much of my pregnancy—it was nice to catch up with her too. I saw Caroline almost every day. On the days we didn’t work on music, we just talked. She would keep me company, and if I was lucky, she would serenade me. She knew old rock classics like the Beatles and contemporary music like Justin Bieber. One time my dad and Abby arrived just as Caroline was leaving, but she stayed and played songs for us including Abby‘s request, “Elmo‘s Song” from Sesame Street. Abby‘s face lit up and she sang along with glee.

“Together Again” was finished and recorded. Caroline and I had spent over two hours recording and re-recording to get just the right take. She would play the melody on her guitar, and I was lead vocal with Caroline singing my backup. We used a sophisticated recording program through her laptop that would help edit the song. But, even with the advanced editing features, if I accidentally coughed or took a breath or paused for too long, we would have to re-do the whole thing. Now I knew how Adele felt. It didn’t help that my hospital room was always as busy as Grand Central Station during Christmas time—nurses, doctors, technicians, volunteers, hospital chaplains—it was getting to the point where we couldn’t go five minutes without someone barging in on us. We put a sign on the door that said, “Do Not Disturb,” but every individual in the hospital seemed to think they were exempt from that sign—that somehow their task or job triumphed over anything that I had going on inside. It was an annoyance that I soon grew tired of. I wished I had some semblance of privacy and space. A place where I could lock the door for a few minutes. Not even the bathroom had a lock in case there was a medical emergency. I was also nowhere near a professional singer, but I still wanted to capture this song just right. Leave it to me to continue to be a perfectionist even while in the hospital, a trait of mine I know bugged Ed. “Perfect is the enemy of good,” he’d tell me. “Enemy or not, I still want it,” I’d reply.

But “Together Again” was finally done!

I asked Caroline one afternoon, “Caroline, would you mind coming in and helping me perform the song live for Abby? I know she’d love that.”

“Aww of course,” she replied. “Just let me know when, and I’ll be sure to bring Jewel.”

“You mean sometimes you leave Jewel at home, all alone?” I teased.

Caroline laughed. “Jewel and I are pretty much attached at the hip. She‘s my baby.”

“Wait until you have your own baby, then Jewel will be sleeping in the office chair,” I giggled.


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