Touring Hot Springs Montana and Wyoming by Jeff Birkby

Touring Hot Springs Montana and Wyoming by Jeff Birkby

Author:Jeff Birkby
Language: eng
Format: epub
Publisher: Falcon Guides
Published: 2019-10-16T16:00:00+00:00


The only hot springs along Montana’s northern tier, Sleeping Buffalo Hot Springs has attracted bathers from North Dakota, Saskatchewan, and Montana since the 1920s. The term “hot springs” is actually a misnomer, because the source of Sleeping Buffalo’s hot water is a 3,500-foot-deep well that produces more than 700 gallons per minute of 108-degree-F water.

The artesian well pressure forces the hot water into two pools. The 8-by-26-foot indoor hot soaking pool is kept at a toasty 106 degrees F, perfect to warm chilly bones on a cold December day. A larger indoor pool (about 45 feet by 60 feet) stays close to 90 degrees F year-round. There’s also an Olympic-size outdoor pool, but it has been closed for several years.

Other amenities at the resort include a poolside restaurant, baseball fields and volleyball courts, and a nine-hole golf course. Aggressive mosquitoes are legendary in this region, so be prepared to do battle with the pesky critters in the summer months. Lodging options include some vintage motel rooms and cabins with kitchens (all sleeping options are very basic—don’t expect much in terms of room decor or amenities). Murph’s Landing, a bar located next door to the hot springs, is a gathering place for hunters and fishermen in the area.


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