Tongue Fu! by Sam Horn

Tongue Fu! by Sam Horn

Author:Sam Horn
Language: eng
Format: mobi
Publisher: Cool Gus Publishing
Published: 2012-12-16T14:00:00+00:00

Frame Your World And Relationships The Way You Want Them To Be And That’s What You’ll See

“Where ignorance is our master, there is no possibility of real peace." – The Dalai Lama

To paraphrase the Dalai Lama, when hostility is our master, there is no possibility of happiness and harmony. If you choose to frame what happens more proactively, you’ll see things more positively.

You can do this by adding a third question to your Emotional Accountability Quiz:

Is this true?

What is true?

What would I like to be true?

You can stack the emotional deck in your favor by asking that third question. Rick Martinez is one of my favorite examples of someone who asked himself The Third Question.

Rick started and sold a medical staffing company called MedTrust for millions and now operates top-rated PorVida (For Life) gyms in Texas. He is also a RN (registered nurse) who was called back into service and assigned to Walter Reed Hospital near Washington DC.

As he said, “One week I’m running gyms and the next I’m working with wounded vets whose lives and bodies have been blown up. As you can imagine, these young men and women, many of whom are multiple amputees, profoundly affected me. When I returned to Texas, we actively recruited vets to be part of our gyms and now 10% of our members, and several of our most popular instructors, are vets.”

But it’s what happened next that prompted Rick to apply The Third Question.

Rick is an Olympic weight lifter. He was doing a lift he’d done many times before when, for some reason … his back foot slipped. “At that moment, the 250 pound bar came down and separated my quad muscle from my leg. Thankfully, after surgery, several months of physical therapy and the help of this leg brace, I’ll be able to walk just fine.”

While Rick was telling our EO (Entrepreneurs Organization) group this story over dinner, he said, “For months before this incident, I felt like something, was yelling at me, trying to get my attention. I knew I was supposed to do more with my life, but I didn’t know what.

When I was doing that lift, it was like (at this point, Rick moved the salt and pepper shaker aside and flicked his thumb and 2nd finger at his imaginary back foot) God, or something, came down and, and went … dink.”


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