To Eliminate the Opiate: Vol. 2 by Marvin Antelman

To Eliminate the Opiate: Vol. 2 by Marvin Antelman

Author:Marvin Antelman [Antelman, Marvin]
Language: eng
Format: epub
Publisher: The Zionist Book Club
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The Ammonites and Moabites were descendants of Lot (Genesis 19:36-38), whose very existence was dependent on the kindness and mercy of Lot’s uncle Abraham, who had also risked his life to save him (Genesis 14). We learn from this that God expected from the pagans who were involved in the worst immorality, an ethical appreciation of indebtedness. Schechter’s public attack on his own roots reveals the true crassness of his character lying below the thin external veneer of his feigned scholarship.

After Vienna, Schechter proceeded to Berlin to study at the Hochschule Fur Die Wissenschaft Des Judentums, Geiger’s seminary described previously in chapter VII, which followed the spirit of Communist Sabbatian Frankist, Leopold Zunz. Indeed, Schechter kept a picture of Zunz in his study, and considered him his godfather.27

Geiger died in 1874, and was succeeded in his Reform preaching capacity and his teaching at the Hochschule by Dr. Pincus Frankl, a member of the Frankist-dominated Vienna Israelite Alliance, where he served as its secretary. The Alliance was the philanthropic arm of the Viennese Jewish community. Schechter lived in Frankl’s house in Berlin.

While studying at the Hochschule, Schechter simultaneously enrolled at the University of Berlin in its faculty of philosophy (1879-1882). In Berlin, Schechter met Claude Montefiore (1858-1938),28 an ultra Reform “rabbi” who subscribed to Marxist Illuminist principles. Claude was a scion of the House of Montefiore, a grand nephew of Sir Moses Montefiore (1784-1885), who fought against Reform and was a religiously observant Jew. Claude was also the great grandson29 of Mayer Amschel Rothschild whose daughter Henrietta married Moses Montefiore’s brother, Abraham. Moses’ wife Judy (nee Cohen) had a sister, Hannah, who married Nathan Mayer Rothschild (1777-1835) of London. It was Claude who would, with Schechter as his high priest, initiate Schechter into his ultimate life’s destiny. Accordingly, Claude hired Schechter as his tutor, and they left for England in 1882.

Montefiore’s coordinator with the Illuminati was Platonist, Benjamin Jewett30 who was busy liberalizing Christianity. Jewett recruited Montefiore to communicate Jewish source material which he could twist as interpreter of Judaism to the Christian world. Jewett was founder of the “Broad Church” movement in England, and directly influenced the radicals Asquith, Grey and Curzon. A ploy that they utilized to undermine religious authority was the promotion of the concept of “moral relativism”, which was abetted by Sir James G. Frazer’s works.

Montefiore and Israel Abrahams launched in 1888 the Jewish Quarterly Review,31 which acts as a repository to this very day of articles dealing with Jewish subject matter written in academic summary style. Schechter later transplanted the Review to the United States.

Of all the goals of the Illuminati, it appears that Claude Montefiore was most preoccupied with the Illuminati’s goal of merging religions, and more particularly, Judaism and Christianity.

He tried to prevent the Balfour Declaration from being signed, and publicly condemned the establishment of a Jewish state. It was Jews such as these that were excommunicated by Rabbi A.Y. Kook, the first Chief Rabbi of Israel under the British mandate. Rabbi Kook had left Israel for England on a mission, and was forced to remain there until the end of World War I.


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