Tides of War by Christie Golden

Tides of War by Christie Golden

Author:Christie Golden [Golden, Christie]
Language: eng
Format: epub
Publisher: Gallery Books
Published: 2012-09-18T15:14:42.961000+00:00


“We will be facing a battle on three fronts,” Jonathan said. He stood, pointing to the map of Theramore on the table. Everyone was standing now, the shorter dwarves craning their necks to see. “From the harbor, of course. We have a good idea of how many ships are there already.”

“And if I were Garrosh, I would be holding a few in reserve and then sending them off within about four hours of the battle,” added Aubrey.

Jonathan nodded. “We should plan on that. When is the Starsword due to return?”

Shortly after the arrival of the 7th fleet, Jaina had insisted that one ship, the Starsword, be dispatched to bear the civilians of the city who wished to leave to safety. All of the children went aboard, and many of their families. Others chose to stay. It was their home; they loved it as Jaina did and wanted to defend it. Ratchet would have been the first choice, and from there the ship would have traveled to Stranglethorn. Unfortunately, while the goblins who ran Ratchet were neutral considering the flood of Horde that had recently passed through that town, Ratchet was deemed far too unsafe for Alliance refugees. So instead, the Starsword had sailed for Gadgetzan.

“The draenei shaman have assured me that with the cooperation of the air and water elementals, the trip will go much more quickly,” Jaina said.

“Perhaps,” said Stoutblow. “But the ship just sailed a few hours ago. We canna hope tae see it back afore tomorrow at the earliest.”

“Children never belong in battle,” said Tiras’alan quietly. “Even if it means we do not have a battleship available, transporting them to safety was the right choice.”

“The young are indeed too precious to risk,” said Shandris. “And also… civilians only get in the way.”

It was a harsh assessment, but Jaina and all the others knew it to be true. A battle demanded everything from those who would fight it. Worrying if children might come in harm’s way was not an option. Removing them from the equation was more than the morally right thing to do—it was a necessary and intelligent thing to do.

“The road north troubles me more than the road west,” said Jonathan, bringing them all back to the subject at hand. “We have seen no buildup at Brackenwall Village.”

“Yet,” growled Rhonin.

“Yet,” said Jonathan. “But it is likely that Garrosh’s army will march through there and either gather reinforcements or leave a portion of his troops behind to send in later if they prove to be needed. It would also be a safe place to retreat and regroup—a luxury we don’t have.”

“What about the siege weapons that are currently stationed along the western road?” said Pained. “We could bring those in closer to the city and position them at both gates.”

“What about the Grimtotem?” asked Kinndy.

“I doubt we need to worry about them,” Jaina said. “We are battling the Horde now, and even if they offered their services to Garrosh, I do not believe Baine would stand for it.


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