Three magic words : the key to power, peace and plenty by Andersen U. S. (Uell Stanley) 1917-

Three magic words : the key to power, peace and plenty by Andersen U. S. (Uell Stanley) 1917-


Author:Andersen, U. S. (Uell Stanley), 1917-
Language: eng
Format: epub
Tags: Conduct of life
Publisher: No. Hollywood, Calif. : Wilshire Book Co.
Published: 1954-08-05T16:00:00+00:00

overcome the negative convictions of the Conscious Mind. The Prompters, buried pain remembrances which attract evil and limitation, may also be disposed of by faith. Are you beset by the lack of money? Then have faith that money will be yours. Are you ill? Then have faith that you will be well. Are you lonely? Then have faith that love and companionship even now are coming your way. Do you think you have failed at your heart's desire? Then have faith that you are following the path to its attainment. Act as if it were impossible to fail! Know with Jesus of Nazareth that "All things are possible to him who believes."

Because our Conscious Minds keep insisting that the physical world around us is final reality, we must use faith to regain our spiritual values. Our Conscious Minds accept every negative circumstance of our lives and are forever assuring us that these circumstances control us instead of the opposite. We may awake to a beautiful morning, arise from bed full of faith and energy. This feeling may see us through breakfast and be with us on our way to work. Then a driver lurches his car in front of us in traffic, and we slam on the brakes with our hearts in our mouths. "You stupid fool," we say, maybe out loud, certainly to ourselves, and now we are irritated. The day is not so bright. We don't feel quite as good. We start thinking about the boss and the calling-down he gave us the other day. Suddenly it seems quite apparent that the boss is out to make our life miserable. We walk into the office with a chip on our shoulder. Shortly we may be in an argument. We don't like the job any more. It's underpaid. Nobody appreciates us. Fate seems to conspire to keep us from attaining success. And so it goes.

He who would use faith must use it to rise above negative circumstance, and he must never fall victim to that which goes on around him. Refuse to be trapped into believing that the cause of anything exists on the physical plane. Have complete confidence in the fact that first cause is mental and first cause once set in motion must inevitably manifest itself in the physical world. Do not deny negative circumstance. Simply have faith in what you believe and refuse to accept nega-


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