Three Lives by Unknown

Three Lives by Unknown

Language: eng
Format: azw3, epub
Tags: Working class women -- Fiction
Publisher: Standard Ebooks
Published: 2018-02-28T21:29:54+00:00

“Please come to me, Jeff.” Me­lanc­tha wrote back for her an­swer. Jeff went very slowly to Me­lanc­tha, glad as he was, still to be go­ing to her. Me­lanc­tha came, very quick, to meet him, when she saw him from where she had been watch­ing for him. They went into the house to­gether. They were very glad to be to­gether. They were very good to one an­other.

“I cer­tainly did think, Me­lanc­tha, this time al­most re­ally, you never did want me to come to you at all any more to see you,” said Jeff Camp­bell to her, when they had be­gun again with their talk­ing to each other. “You cer­tainly did make me think, per­haps re­ally this time, Me­lanc­tha, it was all over, my be­ing with you ever, and I was very mad, and very sorry, too, Me­lanc­tha.”

“Well you cer­tainly was very bad to me, Jeff Camp­bell,” said Me­lanc­tha, fondly.

“I cer­tainly never do say any more you ain’t al­ways right, Me­lanc­tha,” Jeff an­swered and he was very ready now with cheer­ful laugh­ing, “I cer­tainly never do say that any more, Me­lanc­tha, if I know it, but still, re­ally, Me­lanc­tha, hon­est, I think per­haps I wasn’t real bad to you any more than you just needed from me.”

Jeff held Me­lanc­tha in his arms and kissed her. He sighed then and was very silent with her. “Well, Me­lanc­tha,” he said at last, with some more laugh­ing, “well, Me­lanc­tha, any­way you can’t say ever it ain’t, if we are ever friends good and re­ally, you can’t say, no, never, but that we cer­tainly have worked right hard to get both of us to­gether for it, so we shall sure de­serve it then, if we can ever re­ally get it.” “We cer­tainly have worked real hard, Jeff, I can’t say that ain’t all right the way you say it,” said Me­lanc­tha. “I cer­tainly never can deny it, Jeff, when I feel so worn with all the trou­ble you been mak­ing for me, you bad boy, Jeff,” and then Me­lanc­tha smiled and then she sighed, and then she was very silent with him.

At last Jeff was to go away. They stood there on the steps for a long time try­ing to say good­bye to each other. At last Jeff made him­self re­ally say it. At last he made him­self, that he went down the steps and went away.

On the next Sun­day they ar­ranged, they were to have the long happy day of wan­der­ing that they had lost last time by Jane Har­den’s talk­ing. Not that Me­lanc­tha Her­bert had heard yet of Jane Har­den’s talk­ing.

Jeff saw Me­lanc­tha ev­ery day now. Jeff was a lit­tle un­cer­tain all this time in­side him, for he had never yet told to Me­lanc­tha what it was that had so nearly made him re­ally want to leave her. Jeff knew that for him, it was not right he should not tell her. He knew they could only have real peace be­tween them when he had been hon­est, and had re­ally told her. On this long Sun­day Jeff was cer­tain that he would re­ally tell her.


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