This is Our Land (Emerilia Book 5) by Michael Chatfield

This is Our Land (Emerilia Book 5) by Michael Chatfield


Author:Michael Chatfield [Chatfield, Michael]
Language: eng
Format: epub
Published: 2017-04-23T06:00:00+00:00


Dave watched over the battle as if he saw it through another’s eyes. To him, he could see the spells being thrown by the allied mages and the Demons in the sky.

His Touch of the Land extended all around him to provide a complete picture of the battle.

He altered a spell here, turning it against its creator or making it stronger. He conjured repeaters along the wall. The Aleph fighters jumped into them, filling the air with bolts.

To Dave, the battle was no longer a chaos of melee and fighting. His Inference skill and perception allowed him to predict the actions of the Demon Horde and most of his allies. He was now an ethereal spirit. A touch here, a change there, barely a nudge of magic and the battle started firming up.

Some Demons hurled rocks down on him from above. His Mana barrier glowed blue. Dave didn’t even seem to notice or care as he continued to reinforce the allies.

His eyes turned to the skies. It was messier but his higher Intelligence allowed him to remember the lore and books he had read on the Demons and angels’ battles.

Well, this is going to be a pain in the ass, but we’re weak in the sky. The Demon Horde are getting through all over the place and killing our people. First, we need to have a base that is safe from them. If we have wounded, then they can just target the healers so we can’t get anyone back in the fight.

Dave kneeled and his hand touched the stone. Mana rushed through his hand as he had to use his own Mana to create the complicated magical coding.

A blue barrier appeared over the keep, stopping stones and the Demon Horde’s spells cold as they hit the shield.

Archers no longer needed to duck because the Demons could no longer reach them.

“Focus on the forces in the sky if you can!” Kim yelled out.

Dave conjured what looked like a locker. Coding covered its sides as Dave staggered to his feet slightly. He started recovering his Mana that he wasn’t used to expending yet.

The closet opened to reveal a repeater. Dave grabbed it and put it down among some Beast Kin.

“Shoot them with this!” Dave said. “I need ten people to run more of these things across the wall!” Dave said.

“With the Dwarf!” one of the Beast Kin leaders said. The motley crew followed Dave, finding another repeater being pushed out of the closet-looking factory.

He’d conjured the factory, which was easy enough, making a magical tap from his armor to the factory and feeding it from his reserves instead of his actual Mana. It meant he could make more than a dozen, without keeling over with Mana fatigue.

“Take these and put them out along the wall. They use bolts from the factories I’ve made across the wall!” Dave yelled at the Beast Kin over the noise.

“Gronel! Take this down to the west side!” the Beast Kin leader said, taking over from Dave, who now looked back to the skies.


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