The art of the leader by Cohen William A. 1937-

The art of the leader by Cohen William A. 1937-

Author:Cohen, William A., 1937-
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Peter Drucker's Phenomenon

Peter Drucker found the same phenomenon in a well-run hospital. Doctors, nurses, X-ray technicians, pharmacologists, pathologists, and other health-care practitioners all worked together to accomplish a single objective. Frequently he saw several working on the same patient under emergency conditions. Seconds counted. Even a minor slip could prove fatal. Yet, with a minimum amount of conscious command or control by any one individual, this medical team worked together toward a common end and followed a common plan of action under the overall direction of a doctor. The similarity to what you saw on the athletic field would be striking. 6

Teamwork in all activities is crucial. Years ago, the Air Force did a study of their bomber crews in the Strategic Air Command. Individual performance improves with increased flying experience as measured by number of flight hours. These researchers wanted to know how performance was effected by increased flying experience on a specific aircraft. They thought that similar to flying experience in general, more experience on a particular airplane would cause performance to improve. It did. However, the time a crew spent flying together was a far more accurate predictor of improved performance than individual flying experience.

What an Israeli Army Study Showed

An interesting study by the Israeli Army again confirmed the importance of teamwork. The Israelis analyzed the combat performance of their soldiers in the Golan Heights in Northern Israel. Using peer evaluations, the Israelis found that the quality of combat performance was highly related to teamwork in fighting together and much less on individual fighting qualities, or even commitment to goals of the war effort. 7

Coach Frank Leahy's Reflection

Famed Notre Dame football Coach Frank Leahy was an officer in the U.S. Navy during World War II. He watched hundreds of football games, the majority of which he won. He also witnessed the battle for Iwo Jima. After reflecting, he said: "The burning


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