The Ultimate Guide to Minecraft Server by Warner Timothy L

The Ultimate Guide to Minecraft Server by Warner Timothy L


Author:Warner, Timothy L.
Language: eng
Format: epub
Publisher: Pearson Education
Published: 2015-07-01T16:00:00+00:00

Minecraft Forge in a Nutshell

Minecraft Forge is a client/server API for Minecraft modding. A mod, short for “modification,” is code that actually can modify (change) core Minecraft assets. Compare a mod with a plugin, which is smaller software that’s “bolted onto” Minecraft server and simply adds functionality to what’s already there.

In case I never defined API: An application programming interface can be viewed as a set of connectivity rules that programmers follow in order to connect two different services. With regard to Minecraft Forge, the API stands between the Minecraft server and one or more Forge mods.

The “client/server” piece of the definition refers to the fact that we need to install Forge both on our Minecraft server and in the Minecraft client. I need to emphasize that: Every user who wants to play on your Forge server first needs to download and install the Forge client. This extra requirement might reduce the number of server players you receive from the Internet. On the other hand, the awesome gameplay experiences you can offer by combining Bukkit and Forge might make your server more desirable than it would be otherwise.

As you can see in Figure 6.1, players who try to log in to your Cauldron server without the Forge client installed get hung up indefinitely on the “Logging in” screen.


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