The Spotted Dog by Kerry Greenwood

The Spotted Dog by Kerry Greenwood

Author:Kerry Greenwood
Language: eng
Format: azw3, epub
Publisher: Allen & Unwin
Published: 2018-08-27T23:00:00+00:00

Philomela: I have had an idea. And this really is going to work. It had better. I’m getting tired of this. I miss my life.


How camest thou in this pickle?


I let myself out into the hot summer air. It was a pleasant day for those who like hot weather, of which I am not one. I could cope, though. The tearing hot northerlies which turn Australia into the interior of a giant pizza oven had decided not to pay us a visit. It was hot, still, but relatively painless.

I looked at the girl. She wore a pretty summer dress in black with pink spots. She was dark-haired, curvaceous, beautiful, and a little foreign. I had seen many girls like her in Paris. I rummaged in my databanks until the name Marie popped into my head. Though it might be Kate. I decided to take a chance on my first instinct.

‘Hello! Marie, isn’t it?’ I ventured.

She looked up and smiled. Her smile could have powered a medium-sized village. She blinked behind her black-rimmed glasses and said, ‘Corinna? It’s good to see you.’

Allegro and Biscuit did not agree. The two dogs eyed me with suspicion, and Marie bent over them. ‘Stop that!’

They gave me that Look again. Yes, we remember you, they were saying. You’re the human with the two ferocious cats. And where, they wanted to know, are your attack cats now? They sniffed the air, and Marie whispered sweet nothings in their ears. As in all fashionable pavement cafes there was a big aluminium bowl of water attached by a small chain to one of the outdoor tables. Urged on by their mistress, the two spoodles took turns to lap from the bowl. ‘That’s better. Sit down, you two!’ They obeyed, and she flashed me an embarrassed smile. ‘Sorry about that.’

‘It’s okay.’ I gestured to one of the chairs. ‘Have you got time for a coffee?’

She took out her phone to check. ‘Yeah, I guess. It’s just gone half the hour. Kate sent me out for a takeaway souvlaki. They’re really good here.’

‘They really are. Attic heaven on a plate.’

At that moment Del appeared.

Marie grinned at him. ‘Geiá sou! Éna souvláki gia na páei kai éna kafé ellinikó parakaló?’

‘Entaxi, Despina,’ Del pronounced, and disappeared within.

I gaped at Marie.

‘I went to Greece for a holiday straight after school,’ she explained. ‘Well, Corinna, you’ve been having adventures lately, I hear? Did you walk into a door? It looks painful.’

‘Far too many adventures for my liking. But lately it’s been getting better. I’ve gone a whole day now without being burgled.’

She laughed. ‘Let’s hope it stays that way.’

‘Marie, I’m fascinated by this business of yours. Would you mind telling me how it works?’

‘Come see for yourself, please. I know music shops are supposed to be so twentieth century, but what we do is something different. When you have mass-market competitors like Amazon, you have to offer something special. So we do. We find music people have vaguely heard somewhere but they don’t know either the track or the composer.


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